How Akshata Sampat finds comfort in fashion and design?

In the magical words of the talisman Bill Cunningham,

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."

Today on board we have Akshata Sampat, an influencer who is known for her versatility in the dynamic world of Fashion. Being a designer enthusiast, she has often been drenched with showers of appreciation from the people at the top. Currently she is working for Adidas, her desire to keep herself fit and be on her toes remains impeccable. With Akshata possessing several gorgeous traits, let's take a sneak-peek into her personal and professional life. (We interviewed on her career as a fashion influencer.)


Phrazis: As an individual, what are the major lessons that Covid-19 has taught you?

"How to balance work, family and me. How to enjoy and cherish whatever you have. How to be mindful and relish solitude."

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Phrazis: Amidst so much negativism in the society currently because of the pandemic, how have you decided to keep your mental health stay strong?

"By reading at least one self-healing book in a week and practicing it along with 30 mins yoga every day and 15 minutes meditation and finally by keeping a gratitude journal to always be in alignment with what I want to achieve in life and being grateful for it in advance."

Phrazis: Coming to your professional life which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?

"Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books have taught me how to bend and influence reality in my favor and Om Swami’s books have taught me the strength of mantras to fulfill my desires."

Phrazis: What instigated you to put your best foot forward in the fashion world?

"I have been a part of the glamour world since I was 3 when I did my first advertisement. Post which I have done innumerable ads with great and well- known artists like Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty, and many more."
" My mother also loved dressing me up and had a great taste so I would end up winning in all fancy-dress competitions. All thanks to my parents who have always supported and pushed me to do my best in all fields. After I lost my mother, I realized how much effort she put in behind me and it dawned upon me to owe it to her. So, I just like to have fun with fashion and be comfortable and happy with everything that I wear and make my dog wear."

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Phrazis: What does a typical day in your week look like?

"Yoga, meditation, work, eat good food, play with my dog, do crystal healing, play board games with family, enjoy myself, write in my gratitude journal."

Phrazis: How in your opinion one should focus to be at a level that you are?

"First of all the individual has to be sure about what she/he wants and then work for it accordingly. Being focused and grateful in advance and then taking in tiny steps every day towards it will make you reach the goal in no time. Also having full faith in yourself and the universe that it will all work out in your favor and then ... You are where you wanted to be."

Phrazis: Have you ever faced cyber-bullying (if so) how did you face it?

"Not really. I think people who are disturbed or affected by something else take it out online and content creators and designers have nothing to do with what they say. So, sending out good vibes to all who require it as everyone is going through something and being kind and considerate but loving and trusting yourself at the same time is the key."

Phrazis: When you hit a rock bottom how do you survive from it?

"To be honest I don’t hit the rock bottom. Because at all times I’m learning. If a door closes, another and better one opens. So, I’m grateful for it all to happen because I know it’s all for the best. So, I just focus on what I want in life and work on myself and enjoy tiny things of life and start being grateful for life itself and everything just works out perfectly."

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Phrazis: How do You view the future of the Fashion Industry in the Post-COVID world?

" Comfortable distance along with fashionable protection."

Phrazis: As an influencer what would you want to convey to your followers?

"Be yourself, enjoy life thoroughly, and be Grateful at all times and life will always smile back at you with abundant miracles."

Do comment your views and let Akshata know, how can she be helpful to you and mankind!

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