Gandhi: Driving Humanity out of Mental Illness

By: Abhigyan Pandey

Will it be wrong to say that a superhuman does possess minimal human traits which helps them to root with normal human species?

Lending in favour of this argument is Gandhi's lifestyle. Inheriting a supernatural quality to attack the human mind, Gandhiji is the fire in the candle of hope that will continue to ignite the spark of zeal until humanity breathes its last.

On that note, let us throw some light on the other face of Gandhi's coin. The architect of India's freedom movement has experienced phases in life that can help you relate to this astute dignitary.

Gandhi mental illness

On turning the pages of his book "The Truth is God”, he has revealed a very significant anecdote of his life. He offers “I am painfully conscious of my imperfections and therein lies all the strength I possess because it is a rare thing for a man to know his own limitations.”

Going deeper, we get to learn that Young Gandhi had a lot of chaos in his early childhood. What angered the bastion of humanity was the fact that he had to ask permissions from his elders for everything.

He shares “It was unbearable that we should be unable to do anything without the elders’ permission. At last, in sheer disgust, we decided to commit suicide!”. However, over the years he learnt to lead a simpler life when he realised that a weapon of 'ignorance' is what can take him to newer heights in life.

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The 20th-century cynosure has his fair bit of struggles which in one way gave him an impetus to prove his power in front of the world. Shedding light on various prospects of humanity, the stalwart rose upfront paving the road for the rest to follow.

Gandhi mental illness

Determined to use the weapon of words to decimate the opposition, Gandhiji openly flaked the social taboos which had taken a toll on mental illness of the downtrodden sections of the society.

With an aim to develop a society wherein people preach equality to reach the doors of God’s premises, he was adamant to transform an environment where people communicate about unique female bodies without any feeling of guilt.

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Over the course of time, Mahatma construed that in order to embrace the world, one needs to be open-minded and accept dynamic cultures practised around the world. Mind-like-rock is always detrimental unlike mind-like sponge as it allows ideas and unknown concepts percolate in smoothly.

Gandhi mental illness

Moreover, the bone of Indian Independence also opened up about the incessant failures that he experienced at the beginning of his career as a lawyer. Gandhi in the very beginning of his career as a new lawyer, he couldn’t even muster the courage to cross-examine a witness in court.

“I stood up,” he recalled, “but my heart sank into my boots.”

He had failed at his very first case. He sat back down, told the client he should hire new representation, and returned his fee.

He then applied to be a high school teacher. He was not hired for the position.

Again, he had failed.”

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Ending on a note that God might have snatched Gandhi away from us but his beliefs and ideas will continue to enlighten and shape the leaders throughout the world.

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