• Thanushree Anil

From the eye of AI: bringing convenience at your doorstep

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Artificial intelligence has been around since 1957 but it was popularised as the next big thing that humanity could crack only in recent years.

In the coming years, scientists explored more on artificial intelligence made a spike in the graph of convenience and currently, we have Amazon’s Echo and Alexa to help us assist in our daily lives.

A forever progressing field, artificial intelligence could change the face of convenience like no other.

Amazon echo and alexa
Amazon Echo and Alexa

Positive impact on society

AI is not only robots with human-like faces or ‘Terminators’ ready to destroy the earth, but they also encompass anything to algorithms of google to Gmail sorting mails in primary, social, promotions, etc. to autonomous weapons.

AI in worskpace
Ease in workspace

AI could bring tremendous job satisfaction and workspace happiness. AI could take over repetitive and mundane jobs whilst humans can take over many creative jobs that inculcate innovation.

More time could be spared for humans to be productive and explore many other fields.

AI in medicine

Artificial intelligence could contribute to the field of healthcare to a great extent. Though there are doubts regarding as to whether AI could manage such a people-focused profession that requires the human touch.

AI in health care
AI in healthcare

Nevertheless, AI could speed up the documentation work, work up with appointments, and follow up aftercare and releasing the doctors from their administrative work and giving them more time to interact with patients.

AI in education

AI in education
AI in education

A potential future has AI incorporated and hence it would be wise to integrate AI in the curriculums. AI may take time to be featured in educational fields but its affluence is inevitable. Applications for AI could be created to mentor students with smart content along with encouraging personal growth and development.

Time-consuming duties like grading tests, assessing home works and other administrative duties could be completed by soft wares incorporated by AI.

With AI students could learn from anywhere they want and attain personalized education.

AI in Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles use loads of sensors and it needs a superintelligence mechanism to analyze the date and process it.

AI and Autonomous vehicle
AI incorporated with Autonomous vehicle

The autonomous industry has been evolving and developing vehicles that could drive with the same capabilities as that of humans.

The Autonomous industry with the steadfast AI is aiming to be valued at 11k million dollars within 2025 at a CAGR of 38.5%.

AI in banking

Tech-savvy Gen Z would want their transactions to be made easier for them.

Virtual networks that allow the transactions at the fingertips also are subjected to vulnerability and fraudulent.

Ease in banking with AI

AI could improvise on the vitality to prevent fraud from happening. AI bots, digital payment advisors, and biometric fraud detection mechanisms could improve compliance and safety. It could ensure quick processing and accurate transactions.

AI in defense

Through research and developments, AI could conform to an ideal defense system for the country.