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Fashion fusion: Add spicy taste to an already delicious trend

Fashion is your playground, so why not play a spin on the already common games? Fashion now is extremely fast and trends can get boring easily. So why not put a spin of the already existing trends? You can always explore different styles by mix and match, or maybe adding an element to the outfit that makes it stand out. styling is fun, it makes an outfit yours.

Why follow the same trend that everyone is wearing when you can upgrade your outfit with a little charm of your hand. All you need to know is what works with what and maintain the aesthetics of the outfit. You can mix in different style going from a boring outfit to a totally new one.

So, here is some fashion fusion for you that will add a spicy taste to already a delicious trend.

1. A sundress

A sundress is the trend of every summer and spring. They are flowy and elegant and complements every figure. But this much-loved trend can get pretty repetitive went everyone follows the same thing. You spice up a simple sundress by adding other pieces of clothing that clashes yet makes a complete outfit.

Adding a corset top or thick belt on top of the dress, pair it with doc martins or thigh-high boot and pull the outfit together by adding a jacket over it. It’s a casual yet edgy change in the trend, it gives a masculine edge to the outfit yet keeping it elegant.

Fashion sundress

2. A slip dress

A slip dress is extremely beautiful, but it is mostly seen to be a date outfit and often a revealing one. You can always put a spin on the date outfit and make it more casual. Pair a simple solid colour tee or a turtle neck underneath the dress. You can either wear a pair of trousers or a long skirt over the dress tucking it in. this totally transforms the outfit. You can wear sneakers with the outfit to keep on the causal theme. Or you can skip the trousers or skirt for funky stockings or the controversial socks with heels. It makes for a cute picnic dress.

slip dress

3. Monochrome

The monochrome trend is all the rage these days. Most people play with a single shade of colour. Why stick to one when you can do so much. Select colour and explore by playing with every different shade available, put in patterns and strips. The messier the merrier. You can go for a blazer outfit and rather than using a single shade use different shades or you can incorporate patterns too rather than keeping the whole outfit solid.

color play

4. Leather weather

Faux leather is in trend now. Leather has always been a material of controversy and luxury. But with faux leather, you can live your matrix dream. In this coming winter-fall season pair a lather and wool together for maximum comfort and spin in style. You can wear leather pants with chunky sweaters or pair them with a turtle neck and leather overcoats or mix and match with different pieces of clothes. Leather actually goes really well with other materials, the looks that leather create are powerful so other materials can tone it down. And who can say no to the retro look with leather pants!

leather weather

5. Denim

Denim never goes out of trend. Its been the most popular trend throughout the decades. But denim has always been a casual outfit option most for going out and picnic dress type. Why not change it into a club or date night worthy outfit. You can wear a sleeveless or spaghetti strap denim dress and pair it with a sheer top underneath and you can add stockings with it. You can also pair a denim skirt or shorts with an oversized silk shirt it makes it flirty and elegant making it date-worthy.

denim dress
flirty denim
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Happy styling!



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