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Exercises and Habits to increase your height further

Do you often wonder about how to effectively increase your height?

Well, a lot of us surely do!

But you will be happy to know that while genetics control our height and our pace of growth to a huge extent, it is not the only factor that gets to decide our height as an adult. Our growth is determined by heredity, nutrition, lifestyle, hormones, etc.

Here are some extremely effective ways that will help you to increase your height further. So if you are a fitness enthusiast or someone who spends quite a chunk of their day wondering how to increase the height further, this article is a must-read for you.

Without spending any more time, let us take quickly take a look at some effective exercises and habits to increase your height further:

Æ Stretching :

Did you know that stretching exercises are extremely effective for growing your height?

Stretching is often cut down from the daily exercise regimen of a lot of people but actually, stretching exercises, when performed regularly, can contribute to the growth of your height. There are different types of stretches like the calf stretch, cobra stretch, back and neck stretch, bridge stretch, elbow pullover, hamstring stretch, and so on.

height increase exercises
Stretching on the hanging bar

Æ Balanced Diet :

Are you sure you are not missing out on the essential nutrients?

A balanced diet is a quintessential requirement if you want to increase your height further. It incorporates all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that would aid in growing taller, and fit. Certain nutrients like Vitamin D, calcium, proteins contribute to healthier and stronger bones, thereby giving a boost to your height.

Æ Skipping :

Do you skip every day?

If not, begin with skipping as early as you can. Skipping is one of the best exercises which serves a lot of functions. It is highly recommended if you are inclined to increase your height. Skipping tones your muscles add to your bone mass and consequently makes you slimmer, fit, and taller. While you skip, your knee bends constantly and this in turn helps the calf muscles to expand vertically, thereby helping you to grow taller.

So even if you feel lazy someday, or forgo your exercise for a day or two, just make sure you skip for a bare minimum of 10 minutes daily.

Æ Sufficient Sleep :

how to sleep for height increase
Sleep is important for good health

Adults need a sound, undisturbed sleep of 8-9 hours every day to function properly. Our bodies are at work even when we sleep. Proper sleep aids in our growth and the development of our bones and muscles which is a prerequisite if you want to increase your height. It also boosts our immune system and helps us to stay healthy.

Most importantly, the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is produced while we sleep and that is necessary for our overall growth and increase in height.

So now you know how important it is to sleep sufficiently?

Æ Aerobics and Cardio :

Aerobic exercises are an excellent technique to boost your height. For example, practicing jumping jacks or jogging at home if you cannot save time to hit the gym, might be a good idea to increase height. Jogging is known to be immensely effective to help you get longer, toned legs and makes them stronger naturally. Swimming, again basically is an aerobic exercise that stretches your entire body, including your spine, limbs, and joints, and helps to increase your height.

So aerobics and cardio translate to height growth and fitness, isn’t it so? Try for yourself and you will know!

Æ Posture :
How to increase height ?
Posture is important

Are you paying enough attention to your posture?

Believe it or not, but posture is very important for your height growth. If you don’t practice the proper posture every day, the unnecessary curves in your spine will lead to back pain or neck pain and it might make you look shorter. Eventually, it will prevent your healthy growth and might cut down a few inches in your height. So make sure you don’t slouch while sitting for long periods and stand straight and tall.

Æ Sunlight :

Get some sun!

To grow taller, ensure that you are exposed to sunlight daily. Sunlight is a vital source of Vitamin D, which in turn is essential for bone growth and development and hence makes it helps one to grow taller.

Æ Yoga:

Are you aware of the importance of Yoga in growing height?

Well, if you aren’t then it is important to realize how effective yoga is to grow tall.

Yoga relieves the stress off your spine and helps in maintaining the correct posture and it significantly aids in height growth, especially during the growing years of your life. some of the effective yoga poses include the cobra pose, tadasana, Vriksha asana, Child’s pose, etc.

best yoga poses to gain height
Yoga and sunlight : Best ways to gain height

Æ Exercise :

Exercising daily is also a great way to increase your height.

Exercising raises your metabolism, strengthens your bones and muscles, and improve blood circulation, all of which collectively contribute to height growth. Some important exercise to increase one’s height includes – hanging bar, cycling, jump squats, and so on.

The above habits and exercises are definitely going to help you to raise your height. But since most of us want to grow taller in order to look good, it is important to inculcate the required confidence in our minds.

Nothing helps you to look better than being confident, fit, and healthy. So keep following the necessary habits, but also remember to love your body enough because there are certain factors in your appearance over which you will have no control.

Stay Active and Happy!

Do comment your views below on the exercises you do which effectively increased your height.

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