Updated: Jun 21, 2020

As Martin Luther King observes “True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice”.

These words of the stalwart accurately fit into the current scenario as the world pledges to put a full stop on discrepancies on the basis of race.

While the entire globe mourns the unfortunate death of 46-year-old George Floyd by an American police officer Derek Chauvin who accepted to keep his skin colour on top of humanity, let us quickly ‘race’ back to the white supremacist philosophy prevalent in the American society since the centuries.

At the beginning of the 1900s, certain US churches strictly practised a dogmatic norm wherein a piece of pinewood attached to the comb was hung at the entry gates.

Accesses were granted only to those whose skin color was lighter than the wood and with hair that could be combed without a snag.

Moving forward 100 years to the 21st century, the capitalist ambassador donning the racist brain has continued to perpetuate the archaic mindset.

Official police numbers highlight the fact that cops are most likely to stop and frisk dark-skinned Americans, lending weight to the argument against the age-old practice of racial subjugation.

According to the federal statistics, one in four students report race discrimination every year, ticking the box of continuity of the preposterous domination of one race on the other.

A recent New York Times report cited the jail system where black prisoners are 4 times as likely to be punished than white prisoners and are more likely to be disciplined in their solitary confinements than their white counterparts.

Facts reveal that no book during the revolutionary era stirred more debate over slavery than this first-ever book by an African-American woman. Enslavers disagreed and lashed out at Wheatley's poems.

According to one study, white families hold 90% of the national wealth, Latin families hold 2.3% and black families hold 2.6%.

The black employment rate has been consistently twice than that of whites.

Sources say that white-sounding names get called back about 50% more than applicants with black-sounding names even when they have an identical resume.

The instances provide a clear-cut picture of the discrimination system inevitable in a culture where the futures of tomorrow are being ingrained with the idea of drawing a line on the human race.

Amid the pandemic, stakeholders all over the world have kept an eye on the discovery of a vaccine for Covid-19 keeping the other eye shut for the vaccine of the age-old racial pandemonium.

The time has come to swiftly move out from the world of discrimination and envisage a planet where equality is a norm and nobody dares to play with it.



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