Ease Anxiety by asking Yourself These 7 simple Questions

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

In the 21st century, the era which is known for technological brilliance has unfortunately got the mind play dirty games over oneself. With finger tips doing the talking, and mind instructing you to stop getting on the stage of success life has stuck somewhere in between for most of us.

Rendering the sneak path that one must pave for themselves to come out of this trap, this article stresses on the importance of the win against one’s competent opponent that is anxiety which perhaps have been forcing people to gasp in spite of residing in a open and free world.

Unraveling the puzzle of mind management to fight against anxiety, let us take a look on how to ease your mind from anxiety and ooze with confidence in the future.

Here’s a list of counter questions that you must pose to your mind when it raises up undesirable anxiety? (Defeat your mind who chooses to throw pessimism to you! Ugh!)

It's a communication between you and your mind!

1. " How is my fear grounded with reality?

If your parents have given an opportunity to you to breath then make sure each breath count worth. In what can be an accurate response to the uneasy events- driving anxiety is that if you can ask the validity of the forthcoming situations that your mind has painted for you.

A lot of us overthink of a troubling uncomfortable situation which we have experienced to an extent that we become insomniac hence taking a toll on our regular work day.

2. " Show me evidence about what you have been busy painting up?"

Asking your mind to provide evidence to the toxic and obnoxious scenarios can turn out to be a prominent heal which can surely proof to be effective for your mental health.

The next time you're certain something bad or embarrassing is going to happen — that you'll mess up at work, that all your friends hate you, etc. — do not shy away from asking yourself, "What evidence do I have to support this?". It helps in extracting the weeds of pessimism from the garden of your mind. (Take control of your mind and you rule the world!)

3. "Tell me the most realistic scenario and not throw up only worst case scenarios?"

Habit of thinking about the worst-case scenario adds misery to one’s negativism. May-going-to-happen situations which are never going to touch the wall of reality tend to be more detrimental and most of the times it disturbs our beautiful midnight sleep. "Anxious people focus on the worst-case scenario, which hardly ever happens," iterates therapist Paul DePompo, PsyD, ABPP. (An enriching thought of positivity can cut your anxiety shot!)

4. " Why don't you show up the way i dealt with the same situation last time?

Answering the anxious question with instances from the past can be the most suitable way to silent your head. The fact that you are standing upright tall right now is itself a proof that you have successfully dealt with the erstwhile fear. Backing the success of winning your fear can bolster your confidence and put a full stop on anxiety. "Anxious people filter out all the times they have coped and handled things well." That's why recalling past successes can really help. (Whenever a thought of discouragement pops up, always evoke the blast from the past!)

5. "Why do you think that i am going to mess up?"

Tossing the topic of messing the forthcoming task in our mind is what a lot of us are habituated with. It is important to stick to realism and cross all the bottlenecks without any double thought. For example, saying to yourself, "I have been fine before when I gave speeches" can be just the nudge you need before walking out on stage. (Cutting the inner noise of anxiety with a simple scientific question can be very productive!)

6. " Why don't you stop worrying and deal with the present?"

Ease your Anxiety

At embroiling situations brain switches the anxiety mode on its own without your

permission. For many of us, it happens that the mind makes it a hobby to overthink about a troubling event. It’s indispensable to change your hobby to something which actually caters fruitful results. Here is an article that can help you forget about your past and deal with the present situation only.

Are you worrying about all the "mights" of the world — such as, "I might get sick," or "I might get fired," or "My partner and might break up" — or things that are actually happening?

7. "Why do you make me worry even when am relaxing"

Experiencing a chain of rough patch in life aggravates the heat of anxiety in your head. Anxiety can take a toll on you anywhere and at any time. Convincing your mind by asking yourself “Why am I anxious right now?” can make you take grip of your mind.

Therefore, identifying the source of your anxiety is the most helpful way to begin with. It is rightly said that one who can calm his/her mind are more likely to celebrate happiness in life.

In conclusion

Now that you have understood the tips and tricks to get your mind on track, it is unequivocally important to note that life is all about what you put into your head. Your first win against the sweat and fast heartbeats when facing any event or a situation will pave the path of your glory in life.

Even if results do not fall in place as you desired it to be, one must learn to embrace failures or rejections as parts and parcels of a life. Rewards follow only when you learn to respect your effort and not the result or outcomes. Next time when anxiety even tries to compete you in a race greet it with a big broad smile.

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