Divya with 'Y' as silent: What's under the queen's hat?

It is rightly said that struggle is just like a mother which has the tendency to produce the fruit of success after a span of time. On this note, we have someone today who believes in the philosophy of enjoying struggle in life. Marveling the world of fashion, her quest to learn new everyday in the realm adds extra to her ordinary. Passionate of creating contents which garners huge likes, comments and shares on social media, we introduce Divya Bopanna to you who is synonymous to endeavor self-love and pride.

She opens up on a wide array of questions from how she manages to stay on her toes despite experiencing lots of thicks and thins in life to societal issues of feminism.

So, without further ado, let’s unravel the lifestyle of this Diva.


Phrazis: How much being quarantined affected your life?

"Wouldn’t say a lot but yes it did affect me! It’s been a tough time for me to create content between four walls but I’m slowly getting used to it."

Fashion influencer 2020
As Divya poses for a scintillating picture, she brims with confidence

Phrazis: In these trying times, how have you tried to keep your mental health strong?

"I’ve someone who always maintains cool mind. It did get to me at one point but taking a break works, meditation and talking to loved ones!"

Phrazis: All fears are equally terrifying but do you think that any one of your fear is irrational?

"Constant overthinking leads go irrational fears. I had them at one point but not anymore!"

Phrazis: Has your journey evolved/ influenced your character?

"Ofc yes! I think I’m far more professional now when it comes to creating content. Everyday I learn something new and I’m evolving every day!"

Phrazis: The world is definitely not made of rainbows and unicorns, some discomfort has to be faced in a lifetime, have you ever had someone talk to you in a disrespectful way, how did you react to it?

"A lot! I think we come from a society where we have a set of people always trying to disrespect you, but you gotta keep your cool and cut them off! It does get to me sometimes but I believe in karma!"

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Divya sporting a beaultiful dress adding glam to her already illustrious person

Phrazis: If you had a time machine what advice would you give to your younger self?

"You should have enjoyed a little more than yesterday!"

Phrazis: What does a typical day in your week look like?

"Nowadays it’s monotonous! I wake up and start my day with healthy eating, read a book, brainstorm ideas for content, create content, attend emails and Dm’s, exercise and a lot more."

Phrazis: Were You a camera lover or was it difficult to stand in front of the camera for your first photo-shoot?

"I’ve always love clicking pictures with my friends! I’m a sucker for memories. But yes it was difficult to pose and all of that but now I’m getting there!"

Fashion icon 2020

Phrazis: In your opinion what is ideal feminism and who would you call an ideal feminist?

"I would say equality is what everyone wants at the end of the day! Let’s just give everyone the respect they’re supposed to get!"

Phrazis: As an influencer what would be your message of inspiration for your followers?

"Be happy and kind always! Work your ass off and live in a party every min!"

She signs off!

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