Digital Revolution 2020


The Coronavirus outbreak has affected all our lives. It has severely hit the Indian Economy and has affected the Manufacturing sector. Although, India is expected to have a U shaped recovery, what can accelerate India’s economic development?

It took years for India to digitalize itself. COVID19 has just accelerated the shift from manufacturing to the Technology sector. What are the key technology sectors that are likely to boost?

Digital Payment

Since the virus is highly contagious, cashless transactions are the way forward. Before the onset of Coronavirus, Indians used to be quite skeptical about online transactions. People often doubted cashless transactions due to privacy concerns. But COVID19 has changed all of it. Now they are left with quite a few options. This would change the way Indians shop. Digital Payment can also foster transparency by keeping a record of all the transactions taking place.

The online platforms, however, may not be accessible to those living in rural India. Therefore, it’s important for the Government of India to implement policies on Rural Development.

online payment system

Online Shopping

Indians have always used the conventional methods of shopping i.e Go out and Shop at the Market. However, strict lockdown across many cities have forced people to go online. Online Shopping is easier than the conventional method. It is likely to boost the economic profits of e-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart.

However, the question is can rural India go digital? The villages in India lack some essential resources. Through E-Commerce, Can we develop and strengthen Rural Infrastructure? The Government of India launched the very famous Gareeb Kalyan Rojgar Yojna which aims at boosting internet connectivity. If the policies are implemented, it will strengthen the Indian Economy unexpectedly.

MOOCs and Distance Learning

During the pandemic, the Education Sector is set to go Online. Indian Education system has often been questioned due to its conventional way of learning that essentially involves rote learning. With Online classes and MOOCs, students can learn limitlessly. Earlier, School education was just limited to books. But now students do not necessarily have to limit themselves to one or two resources.

However, the schools in Rural India have been hit seriously. This is because schools and Colleges are not opening anytime soon. Children belonging to the poor financial background will have to sit back at home and wait for the schools to open. They do not have gadgets and devices for conducting online classes. Therefore, it should be a matter of serious concern for the government.

Distance learning
Distance learning: A new norm

The shift from Television to OTT Platforms

The television sector is likely to hit an all-time low as the TV producers can not go out for further shooting. Therefore, many channels like Star Plus have stopped live broadcasting and now have limited themselves to Mahabharat, Ramayan or repeat telecasts of shows.

Now people are shifting to OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc for Entertainment. These OTTs are not just limited to a particular number of TV Shows but limitless movies too.

Apps to watch TV shows online
Apps to watch TV shows online

Apart from the above areas, Technologies like 3D Printing, Drones, and Quadcopters can lead India towards a new era. These technologies can change the way Indians think. The Digital Revolution is here and it is expected to stay longer. Coronavirus will boost automation and many people are set to lose their jobs forever. The virus will change the way we carry out business forever. But the key question is - Is India ready for the Digital Revolution?

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