Dhoni's 4 principles in life taking him from rags to riches

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Cricket loses its cool Mind: M.S Dhoni’s calls it a day!

In what can add extra misery to pandemic -hit every Indian’s lives is the M S Dhoni’s silent walk away from the game which rules over the heart of the million Indians. Finishing his career off in a style, he shared a video on his social media handle featuring his illustrious career spanning over 15 years.

But what caught the eye was the caption stating his retirement “At exactly 7:29 PM consider me retired. Thanks for your love and support.” While social media soon flooded with emotions pouring down from his tens of thousands of fans all across the world, cricketers from different countries too lauded his contribution to the game of cricket.

The Soldier who shot bullets of sixes from his bat-47

Speaking about his well-decorated career which started way back in 2004, he got run out without troubling the score. However, with a low-key start, he proved his potential with grace and elegance at the later stage of his career. He displayed the propensity of high honour to the game.

MS Dhoni principles in life

Donning the captain’s hat was never easy before. He redefined the meaning of captainship with his street-smart capacity to get the team cross over the line of triumph. Exhibited the Lead from the front attitude, he etched his name as one of the most successful captains to ever don the national jersey. He played a decisive role across all formats of the game for India.

Cricketing Snippets

The number 7 seven national jersey Of Indian cricket team will remain numb forever. Having the potential to establish Heli-pads in all grounds stretching across oceans, his helicopter shots stole the show for all the spectators who only watched the game to see the national icon of the game arrive.

Having talking about his humongous achievements that he garnered in his illustrious life, let us take a sneak-peek into his driven mindset which has helped him to become what he is today.

MS Dhoni principles in life

Here are the five principles which he practiced in his life:

1. Remain humble

The Ranchi-born prodigy has moved leaps and bound in his life bringing fame and glory to his name and place. For millions, he continues to inspire by remaining grounded throughout his life without a shade of doubt. His ability to remain true to his roots is what makes him different from others.

The tallest cricketer has held his ground firmly despite making wings of egos to fly miles apart. That’s the beauty of our very own Mahi bhai.

2. Sticking to process

Backing the philosophy of leading the team without any focus on result is what makes him stand apart from the rest of the professionals in the business. Stressing on the importance of process in a match is what he eyes on. The process-oriented approach towards the game of cricket has helped him etch the glory of the most successful captain in the history of the Indian cricket team.

3. Wearing the hat of responsibility whenever the team loses the match

Dhoni is touted to be the finest gentleman ever to embrace the game of cricket. The icy man flashes his immortal mind on several occasions making fans and experts frouwn upon over the quality of a decision. He ensures that his decisions are taken at the best interest of the Indian cricket team. But at times his decision falls under the scanner if he couldn’t take the team cross the winning mark.

Eventually, he sincerely accepts his faults and takes his mistakes on his chin. The poised persona ensures that the result of the match does not drive his emotions. Restricting his emotions to exhibit on the cricketing ground, Dhoni takes the blame even though the players couldn’t perform to the expectations.

4. Exhibits maximum respect to the game

Arguably one of the biggest ambassadors of the sport across the oceans, Dhoni has redefined sportsmanship in the true sense of the term. Known for maintaining the line of condoct and never flouts the nontangible line, he persistently inspires millions to bag the badge of honour within the right morals and capacity.

Therefore, Cricket may have lost his cool mind but his life philosophy will relentlessly influence people to take the right path of ethics in life.

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