• Riya Jadhav

Concrete reasons why staying updated with news is a bliss in 2020

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Don't you guys think we are way too privileged to have technology as our constant companion?

We have enough potential resources around us which provides us an immense ocean of knowledge, all we have to do is dive right into it. Staying updated in this pandemic is precisely similar to staying alive. Everyday news channels are dropping bombshells upon us, all we see and hear are a bunch of reports that doesn't sound amusing at all. It's natural to feel tempted to stop watching and gathering information to avoid negative vibes around.

But does that mean you should stop being aware?

NO! Not at all, especially not when your health is on stake.

You need to understand, life now is more knotty and is not same as it was in the old times, during the Plague of Justinian, people around were not fortunate enough to know the severity of it until the death knocked their door! this plague was phrased as "deadliest plague of all time- 'no one left to die' they stated", causing catastrophic mortality of people across nations and continents and also resulted in a complete breakdown of economic conditions worldwide. Due to lack of awareness and less acquiring abilities and many other concrete reasons irrevocably changed the social and economical fabric of society.


And now COVID-19 is no exception, we are again facing a new pandemic but this time believe it or not we are on silver plate. We all squarely know what the virus is? how it spreads? its symptoms and precautionary measures which we have to take. However, it does not mean that you dive in without a life jacket.

Listen to everything and gather info as much as possible
Analyze it yourself and then
Take decisions that can shield you and your loved ones.

Because, technology brings its cons with it, not all you see or hear is true and this shallow part of the ocean is considerably deceitful and can cause distress and paranoia around.

So it's not enough to merely gather knowledge but it's crucial to be a SMART knowledge seeker. However, few concrete points that we can't deny on for 'news being a bliss' especially in 2020 are,


With the current trend of the web and the internet, globalization is widespread.

knowing about measures, symptoms, and what COVID is, can save you and someones else's life. Apart from this, knowing about bits and bobs can help you in your decision-making process. By knowing the correct set of information you can make more progressive and efficient decisions for yourself and others.



COVID situation has drastically made a significant amount of changes in our way of living, keeping the paycheck going is the new trouble for everyone including the Richie riches. No matter in what industry you are in, you will most likely be caught in the spiral of changing cut-throat environment, here if you don't stay streamlined with the latest needs, requirements, and trends then you are most probably prone to miss out on essential opportunities that might never come back to you in near future. So constantly adapting yourself to the situation and sustainably improving your abilities to stay well equipped with the latest trends is advisable.


goose,golden egg

I'm very sure, we all at some point of the time believed that '2020 is the most cursed year of the decade', we are stuck at our homes, we are socially disconnected and above all, we are facing difficulties of various new kinds both societal and personal and overall life has become like a plain white slate with zero tinge of jollity.

isn't it?

But did you ever wonder?

This new kind of situation that we are into has made us less vulnerable and opened various doors of new opportunities for us. So this 'not so great year' can actually turn out to be a goose that lays a golden egg, even if it doesn't give the golden egg at least you will be aware of threats and weakening parts of the situation so anyways its a win-win. All you have to do is put your efforts in the right direction and stay aware of what's going on around.


Being latched up in the home has gifted us all the time in the world.spending a couple of hours in researching and gathering knowledge does no harm. Getting connected to more mass and taking initiative to spread awareness is something everyone should consider doing. Watching trustable news channels, reading blogs, listening to podcasts can considerably level up your game.

Now staying updated and all is cool!

But what about getting anxious, feeling sad, and being scared all the time because of negativity all around.

So to figure it out, let me provide you with reasonable and convincing points to take care of, when you are diving in the ocean of information.

Listen carefully and more closely

Denial and misinformation can literally wreck you completely. The use of phrases like 'it's under control',' nothing