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Compelling ideas to attract more guests at your house

There is no better time to talk about your friends, family and acquaintances, and how much fun you had whenever they came over to your house to spend time. It's definitely not as if you miss those simple times and simple memories. All those moments are so vivid and bright. The atmosphere was so light and friendly. If you pay close attention, you will come to notice that the place you hung out at played a major role in your perception of the memory of the time you spent at the place and some of them are unforgettable.

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How would you make your house unforgettable for your guests?

Open space

What makes a place likable in the most subtle way, the amount of light that flows in and the ventilation that it gets. Well, as if these past months haven’t been enough reminders, this is a good time to tell how massively the free air and sunlight contribute to the aesthetic of a place.

So make sure that you air out the place properly before any guests visit and analyse the ventilation of the room to make necessary adjustments.

Invest in some good lighting so that the room doesn't feel too bright or too dull. The position of the lights, while usually fixed, is very crucial to the mood setting of a place.

Light and breezy decor

How would you make the house brighter when the number of windows is limited, though?

Well, that's where the decor shines.

The most common mistake in choosing decor is curtains.

Choose the colour of your curtain according to the light that it will let in and not by the design or the colour of the fabric.

These small details along with choosing the colour and design choice of your furniture later add up to the complete vibe of each room in your house.

According to designrulz, lighter colours, will make your room appear homely, warm and comfortable.

Plan for meals

The quickest way to get your guests in their comfort zone and break the ice is to start with drinks or small snacks. Offer your guests their preferable drink and a light snack.

This way, they will feel instantly relaxed, especially if they are travelling from far.

Make sure to not offer them meals directly as this could be too heavy for the guest. Although, have some prep ready for meals and some back up options as well, in case some impromptu plans are made. Make sure to let your guest know that you're expecting them for dinner or lunch in a subtle way when making plans.

Clean and declutter

Make sure that you clean the entire house and declutter it of all the small and unnecessary trinkets. An organized house gives a much comfortable and lively feeling to the guests. Decluttering is especially important in the bathroom. If your guests visit the bathroom only to find hair pins scattered around, numerous bottles and tubes kept messily, stray hair and the worst, an used towel, they will make sure to never come back. Even without the mess, they might feel like they are invading your personal space by using your toiletries.

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Therefore, arrange all the toiletries and towels for them separately, so that they don't feel awkward using it. cleaning, clean guests, organization, organizing bathroom

Space for their belongings

When guests arrive at your house for an overnight stay, they will surely bring a small change of clothes and necessities , all you have to do is simply show them a place to keep their belongings properly.

Normally, people don't think of this much and the guests just figure out a place where they can keep their bags. However, if you pay attention to the details and make arrangements for it, the guests are sure to feel more at home.

Focus on interaction

The most common activity people do nowadays is watching a movie or a series, and while usually such hangouts are planned for a show or a movie, many times these plans are made impromptu. One thing you need to keep in mind that if you are the host you should have some more interactive activities in mind. Many times, guests will just agree if you suggest movie plans but they might be just trying to be polite and wish they could do something they can't at their own house.

Hangout activities

Well, let's say that you've done all the above things and the guests love your house. What next? The one aspect of all great hangout places is the kind of activities you can do. Engage your guests in fun activities outside of small talk. This does not mean you have to go all the way and plan their day like a tour guide; but keep in mind since they are coming into your house, they are in your comfort space and you need to take the lead to make plans so that they feel equally entertained and comfortable.

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Some good examples can be small, party games like charades, board games etc, or cooking meals together like a barbecue, or you could even host a karaoke night!

Hopefully these small points have now prepared you for your guests port-quarantine.

Do let us know your favourite hangout activity in the comments below!