• Thanushree Anil

Are you timid about your future? Unlock your mind with 5 dazzling secrets of the Great SadhGuru

Being in this rapidly changing world where every minute a new technology is being invented, a new feature is being added to our mobile phones, a new fad is being adopted, we run the rat race too but what about the inner emotions that we feel?

We aspire to grow and evolve into a human being that people would remember. All of us are in a race to reach those heights, but fear, loneliness, lack of confidence could hinder that pathway.

“Being in competition with the universe is a stupid thing to do”

One day what if the feeling of loneliness, the lack of strength to go through tough times eclipses your life?

At the time of a crisis we feel that the world around us is against us, the universe is playing with us, amusing itself. We think that the cosmic energy is a joke.

As Sadhguru had pointed out we are exactly not alone, the universe doesn’t just limit itself to the people that we mingle or the experiences that we face, the food that we eat, the air that we breathe are all a part of the universe. We transact with the universe every time we breathe, so isn’t the universe being with us at our every step?

Littlest of the little things cause us uneasiness, letting it overshadow us and causing harm to our mental health. What we must remember is that as Sadhguru stated “we are all pop-ups on this planet. We pop in for two seconds and then we pop out”.

Human life is unpredictable, we reach to greater heights or go to the deepest pits and in a minute we could be out! So why not make the most of it?

To be able to visit memories and imagination, this privilege has been blessed upon us. If you are timid about the future as to what will happen, what sort of a twist would happen and you are constantly worried, isn’t that worrying about the events in your imagination?

If you think about the embarrassing moment that had happened in your past isn’t it worrying about the events in your memories?

Ask yourself a question, are you really suffering from the present events?

It has taken millions and millions of year to evolve the brain that we possess now, which has enabled us to think in various dimensions, shouldn’t we celebrate the abilities and privileges that has bestowed upon us?

Next time you think of any uneasiness, think ‘what’s the big deal?’, a moment of uneasiness and it’s gone in the past, it happened a second before, it happened in your memories.

“Whichever way you judge me has absolutely no impact on me”

When we move ahead with our future, we may receive opportunities that we never thought about in our entire life, opportunities related to your passion or interests. But they needn’t have to be what the society approves or your closed ones approve. They might judge you for what you do.

Every day the clothes that we wear, the attitude that we wear, the activities that we do, we are in a loop of fear of what other people might think of us.

Sadhguru has an interesting way to put out fear of judgement, be stoned!

Now it’s not the regular ‘get stoned’ because then you would lose your judgement, awareness and intelligence, he simply means just sitting at a spot being able to feel ecstatic about yourself in bliss.

The privilege of someone else making us making happy or unhappy shouldn’t be given out, it should limit to only and only ourselves.

For instance, your English teacher praised you for your creative skills, you become elated, serotonin flows through your brain and later in the period of mathematics your teacher calls you out on doing a problem wrong, the serotonin flow decreases and you feel unhappy.

Why are we letting other people control how we feel about ourselves.

Our judgment our thinking capabilities are our property.


We could be doing something wrong and the judgement of others could give an insight on how we could change or the wrong path that we have chosen but it would never determine who we are simply based on their judgements.

We are more than a few words. We are more than a few paragraphs, we cant be conjured up in the paper. In a day we make decisions we have never taken in our life, each day the pattern is different and how can a person’s one-day judgement define us.