• Riya Jadhav

Appreciate it before it's gone!

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

you have one life to live-live it well

Appreciation is something that everyone desires. There is no living soul that hates being praised or admired. But what exactly is the pure form of appreciation?

Is it all about fame?

or getting cheered for high-end accomplishments?

or getting acknowledged by half of the globe, is it?

Let me explain this very simple idea of gratitude by an example:

It was a fine morning, and a routine day where people were rushing in and out- grown-ups going to work, children going to school- overall it was a crowded and fast-paced subway. Out of all the chaos, there was this one man around the corner who was playing the violin- Approximately 1000 people would've crossed the man, but out of them only around 5-6 paused and enjoyed his music.

About 20 paid him a few dollars and moved on with their life without lending their ears and the rest just moved on without even noticing his existence. In the end, he stopped playing his violin, and again the gushing, chaotic noise of people rushing around was heard. There was no sign of applauding, and no compliments were passed at all. It turned out that the man was none other than the grammy-winning violinist Joshua bell. He played all the intricate and most delightful pieces on that street that were ever written on a violin and were worthy of millions of dollars.

yet no one noticed (except the 2% of the crowd)

Just a few days before this social experiment of the subway, the same Joshua bell was sold out in the theatre, the room was packed with the audience and all the seats that were sold were worth 150 dollars each.

So you see, this experiment very well gives out a crude idea of how we perceive Talent.

From childhood, we believe that more expensive means more quality and inexpensive means foul and worthless.

Isn't it?

This shows how we fix our priorities and how inappreciable beings we are when an unexpected talent is served in front of us at an unexpected time and places.

This habit of not acknowledging small things around or not recognizing the rawness of the talents is making us narrow-minded and will soon take over the most important and truly priceless moments from us.


It's not entirely our fault, we live in a financial centric era where expert marketing, money-making, business planning, super strategies for financial growth, and overall business and management are professionally taught to us.

We need to learn how to coexist in this era without losing basic human integrity and learn to appreciate little things again-

Every human needs to be valued and recognized for what he/she is, based on character, talents, and uniqueness and not on his/her position, ranking, or fame.

A small compliment - a genuine one on someone's work or personality holds so much power and impact, that it can literally change their life for good. Try it- go appreciate small things around you. Start with your workplace let your colleague know how profitable their presentation was in the last board meeting, tell your friend how gifted his/her thought process is, let your parents or grandparents know how wonderful they are at learning about new tech.

Appreciating is the core key in building trust, it facilitates the deepening of relationships; it nourishes the bonding, and more importantly, it motivates others to keep going and never give up.

Now appreciating and all is cool- but doing it the right way is also crucial.

How to appreciate someone constructively and with utter authenticity, just because you have a crush or a soft spot for a person doesn't give you a free pass to bombard them with compliments-because after a certain time it's quite noticeable that the appreciation was not genuine and it had a certain motive behind. So whoever it is, no matter what you feel about them grudge, attraction, or nothing at all-see them as a person with great potential and complement and appreciate them in real. It will boost their morale, reinforce your bond with them and make them as well and you feel accomplished and happy.

I appreciate that you read this article till the end and I hope you will try to incorporate such healthy habits in your daily life.

Happy Reading!
Have an amazing day ahead



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