An analysis of 100 years of health hazards

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Life is too short to understand and be locked up in the mind full of negative thoughts. With the pandemic disseminating across the globe such has been the train of thoughts hitting the brains heavily.

Covid-19 which continues to be on surge throughout the world should not keep us blind on the epidemic which the earlier generations had to face ensuring their early departure from the world.

Without further delay, let us dig in to evoke the present generations that our pain has been shared by millions of people before us.

Around 5000 years ago,ancient china experienced a massive break down on humanity as artifacts reveal that the epidemic wiped out an entire prehistoric village.

Dead bodies were stuffed inside the house that was later set ablaze. Unfortunately, no age group was spared.

In the memory of the lost lives, an archaeological site located at northeastern china has been built called as Hamin Manga.

Keeping your eyes glued remains mandatory as we take a deep dive into a 100-year-old disease which estimatedly took away 500 people from the south seas to the north.

Sources remark that the flu spread because of poor wartime nutrition and cramped condition of soldiers during world war 1.

Despite the name Spanish flu, the disease is believed to not prelude from Spain. As to everyone's surprise the island nation stood as a neutral country during the world war ensuring no stringent media curbs.

Hence the report published by the Spanish media showed early accounts of the virus forcing people to falsely believe that the disease incepted from the European nation.

The world continued to remain a victim of health hazards for the past 80 years as different viruses gradually turned from epidemic to pandemic.

The world was again severely jolted by the blow of Asian flu having developed its root from China.

Citing the report from the center for disease control and prevention, the bug spread rapidly from Singapore in Feb 1957 to Hong Kong in April 1957, unfortunately million causalities seem to have become a norm.

In quick succession aids, Ebola and Zika gripped the world which had far-reaching consequences.

As far as Aids is concerned, after a lot of hardships a medication was developed in the 1990s giving a sigh of relief to the global citizens.

Following aids, the rapid dissemination of the West African virus called Ebola between 2014-16 claiming 11321 lives.

Carried by mosquitoes, Zika emerged from South America and Central America attacked infants and was invincible enough to rapidly take away countless innocent minds.

History teaches us lessons for a brighter future. Having experienced several health hazards throughout the world, it stands out to be an eye-opener for the world we want to leave to the next generation.

It was an attempt to analyze the disruption caused by the hazards giving validation to our negligence towards the health care system. To fight against the future pandemic, the historical events serve us as a boon to invest in infrastructural changes as far as the health system is concerned.

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