All the style essentials that you need for a fashion reset in 2020

By: Debangana Roy

The festive season is finally up within a month and we all will indulge ourselves into buying clothes according to the latest fashion trends. We have had witnessed various fashion comebacks from the past in recent years as well as some fresh onset of fashion by designers and brands.

The long weeks of fashion parade have recently come to an end and though we are enjoying our summers a lot, the winter is about to fall. The latest trends have taught us that we do not need to completely put away our summer wardrobe but can style those same pieces by adding a layer or two.

Let’s quickly get into discussing which latest trends are an absolute favourite and must-haves.

1.) Power Dressing

Pantsuits are an absolute favourite. They give you a full look and make you feel like that boss lady. It gives you an effortless look – which is the main aim of fashion.

Women out there do not stick only to basic black and white or earthy colours while buying a pantsuit. The days of sticking to basic colours have worn out. Playing with colours will not only make you look vibrant but also help uplift your vibe.

The latest fashion trends teach us how to play with our silhouettes. Do not stick only to the cigarette pants and waist-length blazers. Invest in high waist wide-legged pants, culottes, slim fit pants which will keep you much comfortable throughout the day. Bermuda shorts give a twist to the classic suit.

As for blazers, cropped blazers are now in trend along with ankle-length overcoats.

Matching the colours of the blazer and the pants are not necessary. You can always pair two contrast colours or two shades of the same hue.

Fashion style 2020 accessories

2.) Hot Pants on the street

Hot pants are an absolute favourite of every girl and guess what?

It has made a return this season with an absolute bang.

· If you want to wear hot pants but shy away from showing too much skin pair it up with leggings or mesh stockings and it will make you leg sizzle.

· The latest fashion trends aim at leather, cotton, polyester fabrics are much this season over denim hot pants as they tend to be too skinny.

· Pair your hot pants with a thigh-high boot or pumps or Chucky sneakers or slippers and you are ready for a comfortable day out.

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Fashion style 2020 accessories

3.) Can’t find a shirt? Don’t wear one!

Crop tops and bralettes and camis have made it to the latest fashion trends this year.

Pair them with high waist jeans or pants or with skirts.

If you are worried of feeling chilly, throw on a blazer a shrug or a denim jacket and your sexy self is ready to turn heads.

You can also style these with sarees for an ultra-modern look.

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Fashion style 2020 accessories

4.) Patterns and colours

We are totally in love with the basic colours and stripes, but the fashion weeks these season has set vibrant colours and prints to trend this season.

· Highlight the features of your body with neons this season. Pair them with basic colours and know how to make an entrance.

Fluorescent colours are meant to be dramatic if you are not comfortable with flaunting a fluorescent dress opt for some accessories instead.

Colour has a huge impact on one's mood. So play with colours as much as you can. Solid coloured outfits are trending this season.

You may not only stick to a particular shade but also play with various hues of a colour in one single outfit.

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Wearing prints head to toe and opting for looser pieces make you look cool and is totally in fashion. You can never go wrong with prints as there is nothing known as a correct form of dressing. You can choose to wear a single pattern head to toe or even go for various patterns. Just know how to carry yourself with confidence!

Fashion style 2020 accessories

5.) Accessories

Accessories keep the power to create or spoil an outfit!

Accessorizing is totally in fashion these days.