• Dhanyatha

Advance yourself with persistent work ethics

“ You can either experience the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The choice is yours.”

A persistent work ethic is a key ingredient for success.

Have you ever heard of a professional, making a name for herself by rushing home as soon as the clock strikes five every day? 

Probably not. Going above and beyond what they’re expected to do is what distinguishes successful people from the average ones. Success takes hard work along with persistence.

As the saying goes, “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, but teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.” Successful people know there’s no free lunch if you want to make it to the top. Rather than expecting work to come to them or waiting for their big break, they apply their positive attitude and strive to excel in their professional life every day.

So if you really want to make it big, prepare to work more than the normal 40-hour workweek. Prepare to alter your mundane work schedules and start developing the habit of putting in extra time, effort, energy and most importantly, your heart to take the leap.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see results immediately. In fact, many people give up at the first sign of failure even before their careers can take off. What these people don’t realize is that failure is an inevitable part of the journey to success with the journey itself having many.

It is easier said than done, finding creative ways to turn your failures into successes could be the key to a life-transforming career you haven’t even imagined for yourself yet. But the minds are …….

Our minds ,for all their wonders ,cannot think the way out 

Of our pains. This too would be capitalistic, No?

It is in our Bodies ,Bones ,and Heart our tight grips and clenched 

Jaws that colour our pains that allow us to feel our way to Heal .

The etches and grooves of a road map of where we might best travel

The work. The wisdom of our bodies are waiting to show us a way.

So take a moment,feel in ,what is your neck trying to tell you? Or 

Your guts? Go where it hurts or where there is joy ,and Begin there.

 — Dhanyatha 

We are so keen to find the solutions. The pill, the diagnosis and the book to go with it… whatever answer exists to the question on our tongues and in our hearts. I too have subscribed to these habits in my life’s time as well.

We have forgotten all the while that we have the greatest wisdom keeper of them all is at our disposal, our bodies. Whose intelligence is far greater than we give it the credit for (even though the ancestors knew) and maybe just what we need in order to unlock and access our healing opportunities. In fact, it is necessary.

But then there is a problem… We have corseted, caged, and silenced them, to name a few. And now we are confused as to how even to approach them? How to be with them? Listen to them? Makes sense, we feel as though we occupy them, rather than experience them. Ownership over friendship.

So we stay in our minds and try and think our way out of them. Hack them, problem solves, get a tool book and call it a day. Put yourself to sleep for another few moments until the pain roars differently. 

Embodiment, Somatic, Experiencing aka FEELING is the other way. The way of the river. Wild, slow, intuitive, nuanced, and creative. Rocky, smooth and winding.

Where to start? You need not know anything more than to ask your body to guide you? Listen to what it says, or even what it doesn’t say.

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