Activities of mind are dependent upon space and positive pranic energy

Updated: Jun 11

By Avriti Jha

In his 18-point constructive programmes, Gandhiji incorporated education in health and hygiene aimed at achieving complete independence by truthful and non-violent means. He emphasized on vegetarianism, and believed in his famous eleven vows namely 'Non-violence, Truth, Control over Palate (taste), Celibacy, Physical work, Non-stealing, Non-possession, Fearlessness, Removal of caste barrier, Equality in religion, Swadeshi or self-reliance.'

The human body is composed of the five natural elements, earth, water, fire, air and space. Each element is responsible for different structures in the body. Earth forms solid structures, such as bones, flesh, hair etc. Water forms saliva, blood, sweat etc. Fire forms hunger, thirst, and sleep. Air is responsible for all movement, including expansion, contraction, and suppression. Space forms physical attraction and repulsion, as well as fear.

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Human beings can live without food and water for some days, but life is not possible without Space (Akash) and Air (Pranic energy) for more than a few minutes. Thankfully, God made air universally available. Sleeping in an open and clean space can have a positive effect on our mind and body.

Space and positive pranic energy are responsible for activities of mind, Space between thoughts and expression is needed for rational thinking. It is of utmost importance for the existence of the other four elements as well as for the life on the earth.

Pranic energy Gandhi

Prana or “aura” is the connecting link between the material world, consciousness and mind. Prana is what makes life on the material level possible and regulates all physical functions, for example, the supply of oxygen, digestion and much more. The function of the human body receives energy from the Universal flow of Prana, distributes that energy, and then eliminates it.

We talk about Prana almost regularly, if a person or a room has a healthy, harmonious vibration, we say: “oh, the aura of this place/person is good”. Illness, on the other hand, disturbs the flow of Prana. Being able to control Prana, can help us gain harmony and health, of both body and mind. Long and consistent practice of good Prana can lead to an expansion of consciousness.

Cleanliness and sanitation were one of the major areas that Gandhi held his ground on. He left no stone unturned for awakening the consciousness of the people of India towards cleanliness. Mass media and mass gatherings were extensively used. He wrote extensively in newspapers and bulletins like the Harijan, the Indian Opinion, and the Amrit Bazaar Patrika about the relevance of keeping surroundings clean.

The saying “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” is true and Gandhiji emphasized on it. Living in a clean, sanitized environment can give you positive aura to think and work. And cleanliness not just in terms of the outer environment but also our mind. Every once in awhile, take a break from your busy schedule go for dinner, watch movies, and spend time with family and friends. You will feel physically and mentally relaxed and refreshed.

“Hate is heavy, let it go” we’ve all heard this at least once in our lives and it stands true always. Carrying emotional baggage from the past can take a huge toll on your mental health and letting our past grudges control our present can later ruin our chances of having a beautiful future.

Pranic energy Gandhi

As more and more people are getting aware of the power of positive Prana, Pranic healing is being popularized. Pranic Healing is a comprehensive system of energetic medicine, with a structured and specific approach. It’s a no-touch methodology that focuses on the application of pranic energy to prevent and alleviate physical and psychological imbalance and disease.

Remember how no medicine could cure Doctor Strange’s hand but he did that with his own mind? That was an exaggerated example of how powerful our mind can be.

Out of all the messages that Mahatma Gandhi has left for us, the power of space and pranic energy still remains the most useful and relevant in modern times.

Happy living!


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