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A Review of - Unf*ck yourself

Everyone gets stuck in their thoughts and sometimes it gets difficult to move past it and work for yourself. This book is exactly for times like those; written by Gary John Bishop, Unf*ck Yourself is a self-help book that helps you to move past the mental blockage that you have created and unleash your greatness. This book talks to you through situations that everyone faces and teaches you how to silence your inner critic and strive for something better. This is a self-help book for those times when you desperately need to find yourself among the thoughts that blind you and helps work towards creating a new you.

This book talks about you, your dreams, your way of perusing them, your motivation towards a goal, how you get to the point of no return, and learning to walk forward. It talks you through the stages of life- How life at one point makes you feel like a hamster in a wheel running but not going anywhere. Thoughts get jumbled up in your mind and make it difficult for you to move forward, I become hard to see the difference between a simple slump and failure in life.

The anxiety that courses through you makes each step even harder. The author takes us through ways which will help you to break out the cage that we create inside of our mind. He urges us to have more faith in ourself and every time we doubt ourself rather than saying "I cannot", we have to repeat to ourself “I am willing”, “I am wired to do this”, “I got this”, “I expect nothing and accept everything”.

This book teaches you to take a step forward by trusting yourself and your capabilities, you can become your own best supporter or worst enemy and the author urges you to trust the part of yourself because that will never let you down.

I bought this book for myself when I was going through a rough spot and the thoughts that keep coursing through my mind were not making anything easy for me. I needed something to tell me what I could be worth, that I had the potential in me to walk forward and I was more than the drowning thoughts that kept eating me alive.

This book became my eye that helped me look forward and let me know that what I need to move forward was trust in myself. It might seem vague or something that everyone tells; but this book takes you through situations that we face, where we tend to see only one side of the coin and declare we cannot do this anymore. I was in the same phase, this book helped me to look at the other side and acknowledge the fact that if there is a will, there is a way. And if I am willing enough, I will push through the dark clouds that are blocking my view and look forward to the future that I was hoping for.

This book even though sometimes can come off as preachy it delivers good life lessons. As a self-help book, it is worth a read. The author makes it clear that life is not just rainbows and butterflies. Often the storm that comes and halts all our progress will eventually pass but moving forward is on our own, this book lends you a helping hand in understanding your potential and overcome the mental blockade that you have created.

This book is a must-read for those who are trying to find their own pace to overcome their blockade, it will help you understand yourself better and to what extent you influence yourself. One of my favourite quotes from the book is- “I am not my thought; I am what I do.” this is a quote that stuck with me and helped me when I needed the most and it might become the same for you.

You can check out the book at Google Books, Kindle, and an audiobook version as well.

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