A lesson on self-care and vision

Updated: Jul 24, 2020


“Self-care means giving yourself the chance to pause”

What is self-care when defined?

It carries a very ambiguous idea among different sections of the society and the concept of ‘self-care’ is fluid. As the literary definition goes, ‘Self- care is any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated'.

Self-care can act as the umbrella term to the act of taking care of oneself, which includes both physical and mental well-being. The idea of self-care has always been susceptible to myths and misconceptions.


There has been a predominant notion that self-care is time consuming and indulging. People who preach self-care are considered to be self-centered, which restricts the idea of ‘self-care’ as materialistic activities.

Self-care can be as simple as taking meals on time and maintaining proper hygiene. Self-care also helps in the development of one’s character.

It makes an individual feel good about themselves as a result that person can radiate positivity. If a person is satisfied with themselves, they can help others better in preaching the idea of self-care.


Self-caring can though be subjective, different people have different approaches towards how they care for themselves. Some people may focus their physical and physiological health while some people may pay more attention to psychological betterment.

Self-care also includes an understanding of one’s abilities. We need to understand that trying to meddle into affairs that are not in our control can become self-destructive.

The realization of our abilities helps us in having and building healthy relationships.

How do we know what is self-caring and what is doing more harm than good?


This question determines the actual worth of the efforts a person puts in while caring for themselves. Since there is a solid idea about what is self-caring and it being subjective the ambiguity persists.

Recently, self-care and the idea of caring for oneself has observed a radical approach which helps in contextualizing it. The idea is that of the preparation of a ‘vision board’. This helps in preparing a positive mindset. The ‘vision’ that a person harbors about self-care helps decide their course of action in the long run.

This idea of having a vision helps formulate an objective and a goal. It helps in motivating to achieve the desired benchmark. An example of goal-oriented self-care could be following a strict diet and exercise regime in an attempt to lose weight.

Mental health and various psychological problems also demand self-care. The practice of introspecting can do wonders. Another important way that helps in maintaining emotional stability is not blaming every failure we face on ourselves.

Thinking about oneself is not always selfish. When we solve our problems, it is then that we can help others in various ways.

A little bit of effort in taking care of ourselves can go a long way in keeping us healthy in every way. Self-care also helps us imbibe the values of self-love and confidence. The healthy practice of not paying heed to negative criticism and not finding faults in ourselves also helps in caring for ourselves.

Self-care is a healthy habit that should be developed by all individuals with an aim for a better life.

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