• Riya Jadhav


monday blues,rain,depression,sadness

So tell me genuinely, are you struggling with Mondays?

Yes or no?

Well, I believe we all are victims to the elements of depression, anxiety, stress, and tiredness, especially on Mondays.

isn't it?

Its quoted "Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life"

Do you think that's true?

Even the skimpy thought of waking up early, getting shackled up to work for the entire day sounds very exhausting but unfortunately unavoidable, especially for those beings who work in a typical office setup.Just like Lexi, who is a 22-year-old lady, who works in a corporate company.She struggles to get up every Monday morning often hitting her snooze button a zillion times before she actually wakes up.

Every time she wishes to call in sick to the work because her soft comfy couch and her warm blankets have adopted her as their own. But even if she gets up early, she gets very sluggish and grumpy and couldn’t stop thinking about how miserable her life and work have become. Like all of us she Relishes weekends, which she normally spends hanging out with her friends and family, however, Monday means she has to sacrifice all the enjoyment and go back to the working mode.

Often, at work, Lexi and her Officemates have conversations like,

“Bro, I hate Mondays"

"Dude!weekends were amazing”

“I can't believe weekends got over in a blink”

Now, if you relate to Lexi and you feel exactly the same way as she does then probably you are experiencing Monday blues and you no longer have enthusiasm and eagerness in doing your job.

Also, giving up on your job is not a preferable solution so how to survive Monday blues?

let's dive right into 9 exciting ways to combat them constructively.


You need to sit down calmly and ask yourself unabatingly about what's really wrong?

You need to make a list of all things that are bringing your spirits down at your office.

maybe it's your-

"Cussed colleague who doesn't respect your personal space"

Or "you are not enough challenged"

Or “A specific person always pisses you off”

Maybe "your manager always roars at you and gets miserable at times"

Or "you are irritated with the administration for consistently delaying your paycheck"

Write it all down!

Understanding what pulls you down can help you in figuring out active solutions to your difficulties.

Prepare to achieve

Having several terrible tasks on your plate to do on Monday will surely drag down your mood!

Avoid procrastinating and piling your work from previous weeks. Try dealing with difficult tasks before you enter the weekend. However, if you can't escape the load then eat the frog (lol not literally) it means to get your mind to do the most difficult task first and then followed by easy-breezy ones.

This will help you in reducing the anxiety of dealing with too much workload and you will not feel like you are always under the black cloud.


Prepare a to-do list daily and appropriately allocate proper time to each task according to your priority.

(Read 6 tips to keep your life organized)

Organizing will prevent you from being flooded by thoughts that are caused because of workload and your result work will be error-free and more satisfactory.

So get ready, your manager is going to be proud to have you in!


Take some time out and work for a couple of hours on the weekend’s so that you dust off a little proportion of burden from your shoulders i.e. if you have a meeting on Tuesday, start working on the objectives and presentations on Saturday Or Sunday. Complete all your research and brainy work before the new week starts.

Preparation will go a long way to help you in coping up with blues.


Make a neat list of various things that you look forward to. Think about those things that you enjoy doing at your workplace other than stressing over stressful tasks.

like "having a cup of coffee with your favorite colleague"

or "Thinking about ways to pitch your idea to your boss in a more convincing way"

or maybe "looking forward to the new project"

Thinking about activities that you enjoy