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Top 9 extravagant different gorgeous styles to drape an Indian Saree

We have seen the revival of many fashion statements this decade, but the only fashion statement which does not require any comeback but instead has held the ground firmly for centuries is the most loved Indian outfit – the Saree. It is the traditional outfit which every Indian woman swears by for attending various cultural and religious events as well as for regular use. Designers such as Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Ritu Kumar through their magnificent designs has made it quite lovable among Indian as well as international celebrities who have donned it in red carpets and various other events. They have styled the regular saree by adding various twists which have made it more appreciable among women these days.

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Let’s explore how we can drape this six-yard long cloth to make it look more chic and comfortable to carry. Remember to always slip into your sandals before starting to drape a saree as it will help you get the desired length and your chances of tripping over would be reduced!!

1) The Nivi Style

Let’s begin with the most common and basic saree drape that is the Nivi style drape.

This draping style was mainly originated in Andhra Pradesh and most of the modern-day saree styling is a derivative from the Nivi style drape. It is simple and easy to learn and accentuates women’s curves in the best way possible.

A new twist that can be added to a Nivi style drape is to throw the pallu over the right shoulders instead of the left.

You can also add a belt or a Kamar-bandh for a more traditional look. It will help to sync your saree together at your waistline and accentuate your waistline and also one of the best hacks to keep your saree intact and keep you hassle-free all day long.

saree styling
Nivi style saree drape

2) The Seedha pallu or the front pallu style

This draping style mainly originated in Gujarat. It gives a lehenga choli effect with just the pallu in place of the dupatta. The best part of this kind of draping is that it makes the intricate work of your pallu and the borders visible.

To make it look more girly throw it straight over your right shoulders instead of diagonally.

Add a belt to sync it on the waist or you may leave it open for an easy-breezy look.

saree styling
Front pallu drape

3) Dhoti style

Styled and brought to limelight by designer Anamika Khanna this saree draping style will definitely add an oomph factor. You will have to practise this draping style to gain perfection as it can be tricky. Wear leggings instead of a petticoat for better draping purposes. Try this draping style next time you attend a wedding or a function and you are ready to steal the show!!

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saree styling
Dhoti style saree drape

4.) Cape style

Wearing a cape over your saree adds a touch of modernism to your otherwise traditional attire. Cape over a saree has again been styled by designer Anamika Khanna. As always said layering can never go wrong adding a cape over your saree would definitely glam up your look.

saree styling
Cape over a saree

5.) Pant style

It is the easiest style to drape your saree for all you beginners out there. Replace your petticoats with pants tadaa you are super comfortable as well as chic at the same time. All the young ladies pair a saree to your fresher’s, farewell, office parties with cigarette pants, culottes, palazzos, sharara pants and you will be all set to dance your heart out.

saree styling
Saree with a pant

6.) Statement blouse

Why wear the old boring blouse when you have so many options nowadays? Wear your favourite crop tops, peplum tops, off-shoulder tops, buttoned-down shirts or even a denim shirt and make butterfly pleats to draw all the attention to your blouse.

Add a thin belt to give your look a proper shape.

saree styling
Statement blouse

7.) Double Pallu Saree

Are you totally in love with Sonam Kapoor’s double pallu look too? Well, you do not have to buy an expensive designer saree for that. Find a matching dupatta or a contrasting dupatta with your saree and you are all ready to carry the look.

You can also use your dupatta as a veil to add that extra dose of drama.

saree styling
Double pallu saree

8.) Try new Silhouttes

There are various different silhouettes of sarees too. Pre-stitched gowns, ruffle detailed sarees to multi-tiered sarees are something which you all should give it a try. It gives a westernised twist to our saree.

saree styling
Ruffled saree

9.) Sarees in winters

If you are under the impression that you cannot wear sarees in winter because you might be cold or adding some extra pieces may spoil your outfit you are highly mistaken. Pair your saree with a turtleneck sweater instead of blouse add a blazer or a trenchcoat or a leather jacket and hop into your boots. You are all ready to rock the street style!!

saree styling
Layer up your saree

Sarees have been loved by our older generations and it is definitely one of the most gorgeous pieces of clothing you would ever find in the market so why not take forward our tradition add some twists and don it with utmost grace.

Happy Styling!


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