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8 Sabyasachi fashion styles which transformed his name into a world-famous brand name

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

What's the one thing that you visualize when you hear the name "Sabyasachi".

A very prepossessing embroidered saree, or

A super elegant bridal lehenga?

Personally, As soon as this name comes up,

All I can think about is- The lavish and very sophisticated ethnic dresses with a pinch of modern artistry which I would love to add in my wardrobe!.

That's a BIG DREAM, Never mind.

Sabyasachi Mukherji

The mastermind and visionary behind this global brand is "Sabyasachi Mukherji" who has revamped our traditional fashion and gave it a new modern outlook without detaching himself from his roots!

Success didn't come to him very easily!

From an early stage, He was very passionate in fashion designing, Influenced by his mother who worked in a government Art College.

This 20-year-old guy struggled to keep up with the finances as his father lost his job. He was found in the bustling bylanes of Kolkata peddling a hotchpotch of semiprecious stones, and accessories packed in plastic boxes.

And today that SAME BOY is ruling the fashion industry with his Phenomenal bridal designs and is very conveniently chosen by every Bollywood to be bride and the ladies who've been saving money their whole life to get a Sabyasachi lehenga on their special day!

Every to-be bride be like,
aalia bhat,movie,dialogue,yellow,loops
"Mai shaadi karungi toh kareena wala designer lehenga pehenke karungi warna dulhe ko tata tata bye bye kar do"

His ideas are visions of past, future, and the present, and that's the leading point why he is undoubtedly the one sitting on the top, In this professional sphere of FASHION DESIGNING

He started with a very basic workshop in his early years of struggle and he is growing ever since.

Brand soured to a new level of heights and brought the benchmark of fashion designing to a whole new level.

Indo-Western collection

Let's just dive right into the top 8 reasons why he stands out from everyone else.

Bridal lehenga!

According to Sabyasachi, Style is ‘personalized imperfection of the human hand’. He claimed most of his ideas were drawn out from his surroundings.

"Every mistake a tailor makes, gives birth to a new fashionable trend"

He believes making mistakes in fashion is something that keeps fashion in existence.

He handpicks the required fabrics and designs wisely and makes sure that the final product comes out with a tweak of "INDIAN" in it.

That's what makes his brand special.


His choice of colors is so subtly impressive. He exactly knows what you need and what will be best for you!

He is capable of making any color combination look super compelling and attractive, Which probably if you and I think off will turn out to be bogus!


His every design is inspired by both Indian and foreign cultures.

He is the one who creates trends and not the one who follows it.

His choice of using different designs and patchworks and using them on various fabrics is commendable.


Kim Kardashian, Sophie Turner, Oprah Winfrey Wearing The Ultimate Sabyasachi Designer Outfit.

Not a single Bollywood bride has ever missed wearing a Sabyasachi bridal lehenga on their wedding day!

Not only actresses like Priyanka, Deepika, Hemma Malini but also international celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Rene Zelleweger, Kim Kardashian, etc has hugely preferred his collection of clothes.

Even the Ambani's are his daily customers.

Not only designing bridal clothes but he has also extended his work by providing costume assistance in movies like Raavan, Black, and Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, etc.

Being the Best Indian designer of all time his designs were also showcased on various international platforms such as 'THE' New York fashion week, Cannes film festival, etc.


Many celebrities whom he has worked with have stated that,

He is the best person to approach for their 'THE' day preparations!

Not only because of his beautifully crafted ethnic dresses but also because of his generosity.

He says

"my customers, come to me for clothes that they will keep forever or pass down to their children".

He keeps his customer's requirements above his paycheck and makes sure that it's worth every penny. He wisely chooses fabric, jewelry, embosses, and designs to weave everything together to make a perfect dress which turns out to be astounding and much more that you expected it to be.

Save the Sarees

Other than being the one-man hero, he has also actively taken initiatives to help small scale industries. He worked to replenish the lost cultural fashion and tried to bring it in with a different perspective for example the use of khadi!

He started a project named 'save the sarees' where he created hand-woven exclusive sarees that were not at all focused on business and were intentionally priced low so that more people can access them.

All the profits that were gained in this project were reciprocated to the workers and weavers living in Murshidabad.

A global collaboration with H&M

Sabyasachi is a very special kind of being who loves values his birth place. Being a middle-class boy he has faced financial issues in the past. Keeping in mind his struggle, He is super realistic and aesthetic in whole- every design is somehow connected to his roots that is Kolkata.

In one of his interview, he says that his international journey was not a smooth trail he also shared what International vogues editor told him,

"Why are you even in New York when the biggest opportunity lies in your own country"

and this triggered him an was an eye-opener. He decided that until he finds his trajectory and a purpose to his passion he will keep searching and experimenting until he fixes a ground baseline and then go all international!"


Throughout his journey, he has always been consistent in his work. He makes sure that nothing goes offtrack. Experimenting on fashion is acceptable but getting off track with the core motive of the brand is not.

Keeping in check his customer's requirements has been his ultimate focus.

Jewelry is something that is considered mandatory when big functions or marriages are considered.

So he started a new fashion line of fine jewelry on Instagram and got a huge breakthrough when Ambanis approached the company and their marketing flourished.

This shows his desire in working on the betterment of his brand and its growth, This hard work and undeviating passion of Sabyasachi is something that has always played a very important role in his success and well-deserved name in the fashion industry.

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