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8 reasons why you must have role models in life in 2020

Hasn’t anyone asked you when you were a kid, about what you want to be when you grow up?

Well, it's surely yes for most of us, isn’t it?

As a kid, we used to often say that we want to be like someone or follow someone. But as we grew up, this idea of having a ‘role-model’ somehow fades away. There comes bigger , tougher and better stuff to do, but in the process, many of us forget how important a role model can be in our lives.

So what is the concept? Who is a role model?

A role model or sometimes a mentor is a person whom you look up to for their qualities, values, success, fame, and other cherished traits. Now, this doesn’t necessarily imply that it has to be a person of grandeur or someone from the celluloid world or anything like that. It can be someone you know or someone in your family or just anyone you look up to!

Its 2020 and the world is going through an explicit crisis and a ravaging pandemic. After all, in tough times like these, it won’t be bad to look up to someone or be inspired by your best role model. So here are 9 reasons which throw light on the perks of having a role model in life.

best role model
Role Model = Inspiration

Æ Getting inspired:

There are times when you must have felt dejected or frustrated.

We all have felt so at some time or the other. In those moments, it feels a lot more uplifting to look at your role model and get your spirit and hopes high again. If your role model is someone close to you, then you can even go for a brief interaction with them that may help to inspire you once again. Because at the end of the day, being optimistic matters and in tough times your source of inspiration will definitely serve as an anchor in your life.

Æ Being more observant:

Having a role model in life leads you to be more focused and observant.

Understand this step by step: when you start to look up to someone as your role model, you get harbor this desire to emulate their traits in your life. In the process, you become more observant and keen. It teaches one to be conscious of the traits they pick up and they tend to inculcate in themselves.

Æ Treating failures:

Unfortunately, dealing with our failures is not as easy as it is made to look in the films.

best role model
Learn from your mistakes

In the harsh and real world, dealing with failures is a difficult work to be done. It’s a long process, which needs to be taken care of personally. Having one or more role models in life teaches you about failure and ways to handle it. A person, no matter how successful they are, must have experienced downfalls at some point or the other because no one is perfect.

So when you observe a person, (or your role model) keenly, and want to learn more from them or be like them, you also notice the ways of how they deal with their failures, and sometimes, even without realizing, you begin to emulate the same.

Æ Being the best version of yourself:

We all are stuck in the continuous struggle to be the best version of ourselves. But did you know, having a role model serves that purpose well and good?

best role model
Believe in yourself and go ahead

Well, most of us don’t consider that in our regular lives.

Having a role model undoubtedly inspires you every day and people have often narrated that in the process of emulating their best role model’s good qualities, they have ended up putting efforts to be the best version of themselves. Now before you raise a question as to why is that so important, go give it a try, be the best version of yourself, and you will see the results soon!

Æ Rest and Reset :

Role models often benefit you when they push you towards setting and resetting your goals.

Many people are of the opinion that having a role model has taught them several life lessons one of which includes a healthy lifestyle and discipline. Believe it or not, but proper rest and diet are equally important to success as much as your hard work and consistency.

The humdrum of your busy lives may often make you forget your purposes and ambitions in life. This happens to almost all of us. But role models or mentors motivate you to rethink about your goals and also to set smaller aims and achieve them successfully. This is again a huge plus point of having a role model in life; they take you a step closer to your dream.

Æ Characteristic traits:

People tend to observe and incorporate the traits they admire in their role models.

role model
Realize your true potential

A person who has reached the pinnacle of success and glory definitely has some good qualities which make them who they are. So when you have a role model, dream big and you try to notice those character traits and inculcate them in you.

It can be anything. It can be something as simple as honesty, dedication, punctuality, or just any trait that makes you admire them. But it definitely helps you in the long run and prepares you for a better tomorrow.

Æ Understanding your potential:

Do you acknowledge and value your true potential?

If you don’t, then it might be a good idea to assess yourself once in a while. Realizing your potential and understanding your strengths and weaknesses is the first step to success.

Having a role model in life eases out this task for you. Once you begin to get mentored by someone or you start to look up to someone, you will subconsciously try to be the best version of yourself and in the process, you will begin to identify your passion and recognize your true potentials. This is a vital step towards accomplishing your dream and will surely help you in planning your journey to success.

Æ Daily motivation:

You already know that role models inspire you to a great extent.

But a lot of people say that keeping a photograph of something related to your dream, or your role model, or just sticking in some quotes by your role model can modify your levels of motivation and optimism to a huge extent. Understand that when you follow the above principle you should not interpret it as some kind of hero worship or anything like that. Because hero worship and having role models are two completely different things. The former becomes toxic and is merely an obsession while the latter can be a source of your daily dose of motivation.

role model
Ample benefits of having a role model

If you have read till here, then by now you already know the top-notch advantages of having a role model in life. A role model boosts your motivation, makes you optimistic, helps you to understand your potentials, and finally takes you a step closer towards achieving your dream. But we careful while picking a role model for yourself as the influence and impact is usually huge. At the same time, ensure that you invest time and energy in your passion and ambitions. Remember, having a role model doesn’t mean you give up on your originality, creativity, or hard work. Let it be someone that reminds you of your dreams with every passing moment; and when you feel dejected – look up to them, think why you started in the first place, and keep going!

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