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8 reasons why Nigeria bags the tag of 'Smiling' country in the world

Happiness is an ambiguous term but it is not ubiquitous. It is considered to be a very rare commodity in the materialistic world. Happiness connotes differential mindsets for different people.

We often hear people ask the question,

What makes you happy?

Most of the time we have to take a moment to think about a concrete answer for this question. Sometimes it can be something as simplistic and minimalistic like that of ‘petrichor’, the earthy smell which precedes rain, or it can something materialistic like shopping.

The industrial world thrusts us into a rat-race where giving up is never an option, in this scenario ‘happiness’ becomes highly treasured.

According to a world survey, Nigeria is considered to be one the happiest countries of the world. The people have been predominantly considered to be optimistic at a whooping 70% whereas the figures for England is -44%.

Nigerian indigenous festivals, and people engaging in fun and frolic

When you visit the country, as soon as you leave the airport, you are presented with a huge banner saying ‘Welcome to Nigeria’. This board sets a mood of positivity for any foreign tourists.

Nigeria is also a country with various problems like that of poverty, unemployment and so and so forth. Though it is one of the largest economies in the African continent.

The Nigerian people are optimistic and ambitious, they strongly believe in the principle of moving ahead and working for own personal success.

What is your takeaway from this article?

How does optimism help?

1. It helps in developing the positive habit of finding the bright side of various situations and circumstances. It teaches us to look beyond what seems and find the ‘silver lining’.

2. It helps us in getting rid of the unhealthy habit of negative-overthinking. Thinking too much does more harm than good to an individual’s psyche. Having an optimistic attitude helps in developing positivity.

3. Emotional Health- It helps curb negative thoughts and thus offering emotional stability and better mental health.

An image illustrating the method of using optimism to beat stress

4. In a study of clinically depressed patients, it was discovered that 12 weeks of cognitive therapy (which involves reframing a person's thought processes) worked better than drugs, as changes were more long-lasting than a temporary fix. Patients who had this training in optimism had the ability to more effectively handle future setbacks.

5. Increased Longevity- Lesser pessimism in life ensures a better quality of life thus providing a healthier lifestyle.

6. In a retrospective study of 34 healthy Hall of Fame baseball players who played between 1900 and 1950, optimists lived significantly longer. Other studies have shown that optimistic breast cancer patients had a better quality of life than pessimistic and hopeless patients.

7. Optimists also tend to experience less stress than pessimists or realists.

How it helps in the process of attaining success

They believe in themselves and their abilities, they expect good things to happen. They see negative events as minor setbacks to be easily overcome and view positive events as evidence of further good things to come. Believing in themselves, they also take more risks and create more positive events in their lives.

8. Research shows that optimists are more proactive with stress management, favoring approaches that reduce or eliminate stressors and their emotional consequences. Optimists work harder at stress management, so they're less stressed.

This is how fostering optimism helps you in the long run, it helps in mental as well as physical well-being. You might believe that you are stuck with your general attitude about life, but this is not the truth. Optimism is believed to be a skill that anyone can master. Unfortunately, being a pessimist makes it more challenging to learn new skills!! But you can do it.

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