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8 life hacks to increase the longevity of your clothes in 2020

Clothes are extremely important for every fashion lover, but unfortunately, clothes do not last very long if not properly taken care of. Everyone has their favourite clothes that they want to wear through different seasons however if these clothes are not properly maintained they will start deteriorating. There are several clothing hacks that can help you in increasing the longevity of your clothes.

It is necessary to understand that in this era of fast fashion, where tons and tons of clothes are discarded each minute to go to waste, increasing the longevity of your clothes and taking care of them will contribute towards less wastage and less pollution. As the companies and factories keep producing and wasting materials and fabrics to produce more and more clothing, reusing your clothes for a long time will contribute towards producing less waste.

1) Washing your clothes less

Washing your clothes repeatedly will soon start wearing your clothes. Over-washing of clothes starts taking a toll on its fabric. The colour starts to fade and the fabric starts wearing off. Wash the clothes according to the fabric of the clothes. Use warm water also try using a natural detergent that won’t destroy the fabrics. Do not mix the light and dark coloured garments together they often bleed.

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2) Use a stain remover pen

Invest in a stain remover pain. We often get stains in our clothes while doing our day to day activities and if we are outside there is no way to remove them. If we allow the stain to sit on, it will become more or less permanent. A stain remover pen is a great clothing hack that can make the work much easier. You can instantly use the stain remover pen to get rid of as much stain possible and later wash the cloth to keep as good as new.

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·3) Mend old clothes

This is a clothing hack that everyone should incorporate in their life. We often throw away clothes that can simply be mend. Learn to fix a broken zipper or a small hole or tear in the cloth. A garment can serve its purpose for much longer than it is used for. Rather than discarding the cloth, it can easily be mended to reuse for a longer period of time.

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Clothes Hack

·4) Invest in higher quality of clothes

You get what you pay for. The quality of your cloth is also important to know whether it will last through seasons or not. Investing in some of the necessary pieces such as jackets, a pair of good trousers and shirts is a good idea. These clothes generally have high quality and the materials are durable so they will last much longer, this way to you can use a garment for much longer and won’t have to busy many because the quality doesn’t last.

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Clothes Hack

5) Store the clothes in a proper environment

Clothes need to be maintained properly if you want them to last longer. If the clothes are exposed to the outside environment for a long time the fabrics start to wear off easily. Avoid storing clothes at mouldy places as the bacteria can ruin them easily. Do not store them clustered together as the fabric rubs against each other wearing them. It is suitable to store them in a dry environment properly stacked or organized using a hanger so that they do not crumble easily. Clean your closet often, don’t let the dust set in for a long time.

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6) Iron properly

People often mistake by not understanding how to iron properly. Each fabric has its own way of washing and ironing. Know which fabric needs which setting in you iron and how to control the temperature. If you use the wrong setting you can end up ruining your garment. The hack is to learn the proper temperature and setting of the iron to prevent shrinkage or burning of the cloth. It is also preferable for many clothes if you ditch the iron rather shake the cloth and hang the properly or use a steamer.

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7) Use less detergent and washing agents

Detergents are often extremely harmful to your fabric. Detergent often contains too much base and degrades the fabric of the cloth. Reduce the amount of detergent you generally use for the cloth and replace it with baking soda, this helps in cleaning the clothes and also doesn’t ruin them as much detergent generally does.

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8) Change the ‘one-time outfit’ mindset

The longevity of your clothes depends on you. Often, we buy clothes only for wearing it in certain occasions or situation and then just discard them. Changing this mindset is important as this is often extremely wasteful and also serves no purpose. If you buy an item of clothing remember to use it to its fullest and not discard after a few uses.

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Clothes Hack

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