8 healthy foods for gaining muscles

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

In the age of social media who does not want to gain muscles and abs and become an inspiration for others. Coupled with millions of likes and comments, a fitness enthusiast is looked with traits of inexorable energy and zeal. So, what’s stopping you to put in some hard yards?

Focusing on the right tactics to gain muscles, this article throws light on nutritional aspects that apparently have been kept in dark.

Now, If you are someone who believes that knocking the gym doors only to engage in high-intensity interval training is the key to gain muscles, then you are making a glaring mistake.

‘Nutrition’ plays a pivotal role in this tough game.

It’s important to feed your muscles rightly to get desirable results. It’s a well-known fact that protein is the vital micro-nutrient to gain muscles.

So, all your dreams of gaining extensive muscles may boil down to reality if you make the following drastic changes in your plate servings. By wasting no time, let’s spill the beans!

1. Quinoa

Diet, healthy foods, important to gain muscles

Comes with all nine fundamental amino acids, a power-punched gluten-free protein provider. It is stuffed with iron, calcium and fiber essential offering proper muscle contraction while dishing up a decent portion of supreme-quality, low G.I carbs making it a food for your recuperation.

How to use Quinoa in cooking?

In what can be the best way to intake Quinoa is to add it in the plate of mixed greens or smoothie or use it as a breadcrumb to cover fish, or heat inside a fritter.

Please Note: It’s better to hide this yummy dish from others cause in no time you will be left only with the plate!

2. Whole Milk
Whole milk contains proteins

Consisting of casein and whey, Whole Milk is a natural blend of high-quality protein and carbs(lactose). Rendering muscle mass to your body, Whole milk is stuffed with calcium which is required for a robust skeleton required for a perfect shape. Indeed, it is very essential for a dynamic body power.

Whole Milk is waiting for you!

You can use cow’s whole milk in making pancakes, smoothies and cereal clinchers. Do try making at home and share its importance with your friends and family.

3. Soybean
Soybean provides proteins to the body

With a significant source of protein, Soybean is exceptionally helpful to all those people who are wondering about how to strengthen one’s muscle mass. Treasuring calcium and less fat, Soybean can be very fruitful for the overall growth of the body.

Not to everyone’s surprise, a cup of roasted soybeans includes 20 grams of amino acids, making it one of the best and most vital sources of protein for gaining right muscle mass.

4. Legumes
Legumes provides proteins for gaining muscles

Lentils, beans, check-peas and peas which falls under the category of Legumes are considerably versatile and cheap stuffed brimming with nutrition.

Due to low Glycemic Index carbs and zero cholesterol coupled with low fat, it makes up as the perfect post-workout choice for its balanced carbohydrate-to-protein proportion.

Wondering How to intake Legumes?

They make an incredible base for veggie burgers, hummus or patties.

5. Almonds

almonds provides proteins, almonds everyday

Eating nuts everyday can do more benefit than skipping few essential exercises in a work out session. Consisting of 6 grams of protein in one bunch, these are perfect for the individuals who keep themselves away from dairy products as it can guarantee that they are consuming enough minerals for muscle compression.