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8 cheap brands that will help you help you out in buying swanky attires

As a fashion lover and fashion enthusiast, no one can stop themselves from wanting to buy more and more new clothes. But clothes can get a pretty rash on your pocket. Most of the popular clothing brands are pretty costly these days and some of the clothes have ridiculous pricing. Be it a simple t-shirt and jeans or gorgeous lehenga-choli clothing now costs too much. It is not always easy for people to afford these items. Popular shopping destinations like FOREVER 21, W, BIBA, can get pretty costly. So here are 8 cheap brands for you that will help you out in buying swanky attires.

· Allen Solly

This is a pretty common name in the fashion market. Allen Solly was founded in 1744 by William Hollin, now a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle is one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in India. It has a price range that is affordable for everyone. They sell both casual and high-end clothing apparels and accessories within this country. They include products that range from affordable mass market items to luxury items for every group of customers. Their prices range from Rs 500 onwards on different apparels.

Fashion brands

· AND Designs

Ochre and Black Private Limited is one of India’s leading fashion brand now. Under this company operates two brands with their own distinct style. AND with its one outlet focusing on the contemporary western wear for women and others for Desi, a vibrant and free-spirited brand focusing on Boho-chic. AND gives a pretty good range and most of its items start from a low range and are affordable.

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Fashion brands

· Boden

Its is a British clothing retailing shop. Primarily it is online based and by mail order and catalogues. This company sells casual to chic clothing for both men and women of all age. The website sells their clothing is several countries and is affordable for those who are searching for a good alternative to shopping the trendy attires.

Fashion brands


ABLE short for fashionABLE is a USA based ethical clothing company. Started by Barrett Ward specializes on women’s apparels and accessories. This company sells most of its clothing at affordable pricing. But behind the scene, this brand hires men and woman living in poverty-stricken conditions and give them a job. They sell high-quality clothing designed to make dressing easier.

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Fashion brands


The thought is a contemporary ethical clothing brand. Ethical clothing is the rage these days, drawing inspiration from the vintage style and nature this brand sells affordable yet high-quality clothing apparels. Being of the UK’s leading and growing fashion brand they sell casual to high-end clothes, that will satisfy your needs.

Fashion brands


One of the largest and most prominent men’s clothing brand in India, Peter England is for those who want high quality yet affordable clothing option. Available almost everywhere, this brand has an exponential collection that can satisfy every taste. This brand is also acquired by Aditya Birla in 2000 who led this to become of the most successful brands.

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Fashion brands

· Splash

With reasonable pricing and good quality, clothing Splash is an affordable clothing brand for men and women. It sells more or less all kinds of casual clothing from tee-shirts, jeans, shirts and other apparels for men and women.

Fashion brands

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Clothes don’t always require the new and sparkling to make your wardrobe better. With the fast fashion these days ethical clothing choices are extremely important, hence second-hand clothing is the answer.

· Thrift shop

Thrift shops are places to find the most affordable clothing. Thrift shops sell second-hand clothes at extremely cheap pricing. With a little keen eye and fashion knowledge, you can often end up in a gold mine. Many thrift shops often carry vintage luxury clothes that you can get in pretty cheap price that would have otherwise cost you a fortune. Thrift shops like Ciceroni’s Preloved Garage sell, Refresh, Savage story are a good place to look up.



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