8 best outfits for teenagers in winter in 2020

By Avriti Jha

No, you don’t have to give up looking stylish just 'cause it’s winter and you need to keep yourself warm.

Yes, I do have the answer as to how you can do that. Below are 8 winter outfits that anyone can pull off and in winters too!

1) Bomber Jacket

Winter outfits 2020

Oh to be a bomber jacket that goes with any outfit! Bomber jackets are like that one friend you can always count on. If it’s moderately cold and you don’t wanna wear something heavy that has you sweating like a bear, throw on a Bomber Jacket with a t-shirt, similarly if the degrees keep going down, you can switch to faux fur bomber jackets and look like a model. Winter clothes and bomber jackets go hand in hand always!

2) Turtlenecks

Winter outfits 2020

Remember how we all absolutely hated wearing these as a kid? Times change fast indeed, turtlenecks are the most worn and most talked about winter clothing item. It’s the biggest trend among all the trends in teenage dresses. You can pair it with a pair of skirt and your favourite sneakers and thigh high stockings, add a woollen French beret had for fun and tada!

3) Oversized clothes

Winter outfits 2020

Almost every clothing item can fall under this category and winters are like the perfect pair for oversized clothes. You can go full-on Ariana Grande and Wear an oversized hoodie with thigh-high boots or you can wear skinny jeans with oversized sweaters and an overcoat for a clean and smart look. Oversized clothes are a blessing and you MUST count them twice while counting your winter clothes.

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4) Poncho

Winter outfits 2020

Ponchos are like the Amish of clothes: underrated. Ponchos give you the freedom and motion that no other clothing item can provide. Wear them with jeans, pants, skirts Ponchos go with almost everything.

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5) Denim

Winter outfits 2020

There aren’t any teenagers in the world who don’t have denim in their closet. Denim is one of the most worn pieces in teenage dresses. Pair your favourite dress with a denim jacket to keep you warm while you’reout with your friends, a really good pair of denim jeans go a long way in keeping you trendy and warm.

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6) Cashmere sweater

Winter outfits 2020

Ripped jeans with ankle-length boots and a cashmere sweater. Accessorized with a scarf or a hat.

Is there anything more classic than this? Cashmere sweaters give you the style, the comfort, the homely feeling that you don’t get from other clothes. Cashmere sweaters are the most loved winter clothing item in the history of winter clothes.

7) Overcoat

Winter outfits 2020

Hands down the classiest clothing item one can have. Pairing overcoat with jeans/trousers and a shirt or adding a sweater underneath makes you look so classy and timeless. It’s the best for formal occasions but also can be paired up with LBDs or a crop top and jeans for teenagers.

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