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7 styling tips for men in 2020

Let’s face it, men’s fashion isn’t very talked about. But trends go on, don’t they? That’s because whether or not we’re talking about it, fashion stops for no one. In case you're wondering how to change your style or if you’re looking for style inspiration, you’re just at the right place. Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to upgrade your style.

1) Exploring Bottom wear

When it comes to bottom wear, majority of men just stick to jeans but when you take your eyes and mind off of jeans, you’ll realise that there are lots of other options for bottom wear for men. You can try trousers from the many types and pick the one that suits you best.

2) Change in the colour palette

Changing hanging your wardrobe's colour palette can make a huge change in your overall style. If your wardrobe consists of dark colours try changing to bright colours or if you wear warm tones try the cool tones. You’ll notice it makes a huge impact.

3) Finding the right coat

Coats have the power to uplift or degrade your whole outfit. If you’re going for a professional look and your coat doesn’t elevate your look or if it doesn’t fit the colour pattern, it can ruin your whole look and mood

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4 ) Layer it up

Words fall short for how big of a blessing the trend of layering is. Wearing a shirt under a sweater, pairing your casual t-shirt with overcoats are some examples of layering.

5) Accessories

Accessorizing for men can be a lot uncomfortable for some but hey, you don’t have to be all Chains and watches and earrings to accessorize, you can just start with a watch or scarfs or a hat that goes with your outfit.

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6) The magic of shoes

Say it with me: SHOES ARE THE BEYONCE OF STYLING! Shoes are the first thing that people notice and wearing the right shoes can make you stand out.

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7) Grooming

A lot of people think that grooming has nothing to do with your style but trust me, grooming yourself well makes you look more attractive and presentable to people.

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