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7 simple ways to deal with extremely moody people

Have you not encountered moody people in life?

Well, most of us have. In fact, there have also been situations where we were the moody people ourselves. It’s the tragic 2020: and we are stuck in between the four walls of our homes which constantly remind us of the inescapable silence and loneliness that has accompanied the devastating pandemic. So in conditions like this, being anxious or a little moody at times, is okay, isn’t it so?

Now some people are a little moodier than the others, even in normal circumstances. It can be anyone around you – someone from your are workplace, a colleague or a classmate or even someone close to you. It does get difficult to deal with them sometimes.

moody people
Moody people can be difficult to handle, but not with the given tricks

But if you are looking for some simple ways to handle the moody people in your life, this article is a must-read for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the following 7 simple, yet effective techniques that are going to help you to deal with the moody people in your life:

Æ Understanding the person:

This is literally the first and foremost method to handle the moody people in your life. It doesn’t matter whether the person is someone close to you or not. In order to handle their rampant mood swings (without getting yourself affected), you have to first have a very basic understanding of their nature and ways. It might be that the person is genuinely bothered with something and that makes them vulnerable, irritable or a little moodier than the rest. Hence, it is necessary to empathize a bit, to put yourself in someone’s shoes and only then relate to the gravity of the situation. It is important to not to be critical or judgmental and be compassionate and kind instead.

Æ Stay calm:

Once you have understood and assessed the situation that you have been put into along with one or more moody people, the next step is to be calm about it. This might feel like an insignificant step to you, but in reality, this is something that most people make the mistake of avoiding.

deal with
Avoid losing your calm

So take a few deep breaths, let go of the uneasiness and negativity and start working on it. Being calm often helps the other person to retain some of their composure and let go off their ‘moodiness’. So stay calm with them and keep going.

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Æ Take a break:

This is the vital step that comes into play when the previous step doesn’t go well. You yourself might not always be able to retain your calm and composure when the other person is being moody.

The trick here, to deal with the moody people, is to not to be irritated, angry or frustrated at all costs and to take a break instead. When you feel that you are unable to contain your calmness while working with them or just being with them, then it is time to understand that your mind is signalling you to take a break. It helps a lot, relieves the tension and eases out the situation as well.

Æ Have a conversation:

moody people
A short conversation can be immensely fruitful

Moving on to the next step of handling moody people in life, we have an immensely significant conversation technique!

This tip comes handy in nearly all difficult situations. Whenever you feel their nature is coming off to you as extremely moody, or irresponsible or tough; go ahead and have a conversation with them. But remember to be calm throughout the time you exchange words.

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It might happen that it is becoming increasingly difficult for you to handle their mood swings and hence letting them know what about them is bothering you is the most important method. Communication and conversation can solve the toughest of these issues and it comes as an added benefit to any relationship, be it personal or professional.

Æ Letting it go:

When you come across this absolutely pro-tip, understand that we are discussing the moody nature and the pessimism of the person and not about letting go the person wholly. It may not always be possible to turn a blind eye to the negativity these moody people carry but in a lot of cases, it does make the whole process a lot easier. Reflect a bit in your free time and observe which aspects of the person affects you more because you have to take care of yourself first. It is advisable to not to let the negativity affect your life and only then you would be able to deal with them easily.

moody people
Let go of all the negativity they bring to you!

Æ Delve deeper to get a closer look:

As pathetic as it sounds, but sometimes, some people just crave for attention and seek a controlling position. They want to attain everything they want and mostly they use their moody nature as a tool to get to that. Hence, it is absolutely necessary for you to delve a bit deeper and understand whether the person is actually moody or just has an obsession to be demanding and controlling.

Once you realize that, the entire process gets clearer and trouble-free. So be understanding, observe closely and prevent yourself from falling into a trap that some people set to seek attention and get their work done. Remember identifying the toxic trait and differentiating it from the genuine nature is a vital step towards handling moody people better and also improvising your interpersonal relations with them.

Æ Strategic ways, ahead of time:

In spite of you following the above tricks to deal with the moody people better, there can still be certain unavoidable circumstances where you might not always be able to have a good exchange of words or let go of the frustration or cut it short with a break.

For situations like that, you have to go with strategic planning and carving out ways ahead of times. For instance, if you are in a position professionally or academically subordinate to a moody person, and their unpleasant moody ways can’t all be negotiated, then the only way might be to observe how they work and plan everything beforehand in a more strategic way. After all, in the present times, smart work also has to be done along with hard work to maximize the positive results to the optimum.

deal with moody people
Some more ways to deal with the moody people in your professional arena

The above ways are really efficient when it comes to dealing with the moody people in your life. Follow them for a few days and you will realize how effective they are! However, if it is a loved one or someone from your friends or family, then you might need to put in a little more effort and help them overcome this too. Check with them on a regular basis and if required ensure that they get treated by professionals/therapists /doctors. And for the time being understand that their mood swings are temporary and with consistent efforts, it will get a lot better. Keep following the above simple tips, and keep reminding them as well as yourself:

“This too shall pass.”

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