7 party outfits that will allow you to steal the show

By- Subhangee Mohanta

Parties and fashion go hand in hand. Everyone wants to be a head-turner when they enter a party, and a perfect party outfit might be the key to it. Your outfit will depend on the type of party you attend but they can always become a statement that will steal the show. Be it a night out with friends, partying or an after-work dinner party,

here are the 7 dazzling outfit ideas that will help you get the label of a showstopper-

1) A glitter or sequin dress

A glitter or a sequin dress cannot be an eye Catcher. A dress like this is sure to become a statement. It is perfect for a night out, not just a dress, you can pair up a glitter top with fitted pants or a mini skirt it is sure to steal the show. The top of the dress is your main attraction so go minimal with the accessories.

Party Look, Sequin Dress

2.) Pantsuits

A pantsuit seems not the most ideal outfit for a party but you will be surprised how well it goes for a party outfit. For an office lunch or after work parties a blazer with fitted pants is the best option. This outfit presents you in the most confident way. You can always spice things up by pairing the outfit with a bralette underneath, this will instantly change the outfit from office mode to party mode.

Party Look pantSuit

3) A bodycon dress

Flaunt your curves ladies. A bodycon dress can never fail to become a head-turner. Pairing a bodycon dress with minimal jewellery and block heels or thigh-high boots or even pair them with a matching blazer or coat on top. A bodycon dress accentuates your curves and gives shape to the body. A perfect outfit for any type of parties, this outfit will definitely be an eye-catcher.

Party Look Bodycon Dress

3) Jumpsuit

A comfortable yet glamourous outfit, a jumpsuit is perfect for any sort of party. Make sure to wear a jumpsuit that fits you properly, the fit will be the most important thing as a fitted jumpsuit gives a better shape to your body. Pair it up with a pair of stilettos and a sleek high ponytail and it becomes a perfect eye-catcher.

Party look Jumpsuit

4) Denim outfit

Denim seems like a boring choice but if styled properly it will become a show-stealer. A graphic tee paired with some denim shorts and oversized denim jacket with thigh-high boots or a boyfriend jeans tucked into the boot paired with a spaghetti strap top. you can also go for a denim dress pairing them with some statement accessories. These outfits give a casual-chic vibe to make you look stylish without effort.

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Party Look Denim

5) Saree

Saree is the perfect outfit for every occasion. Being extremely versatile, you can wear a gorgeous saree and instantly grab a photographer's eye or pair a simple saree with different types of tops and blouses. You can also style sarees in different ways. Saree always complements everyone on the matter the body shape or size. You can go with minimal accessories for casual parties or incorporate statement pieces in the outfit to steal the whole show. If you don’t like wearing anything revealing, saree is still one of the best options for an eye-catching party outfit.

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Party Look Saree

6) Little black dress

A black dress is like a blank canvas, you can play with it as much as you like to create several different show stealers. Choose the dress according to your body shape so that it complements you. You can pair it with different accessories and shoes to create whichever look you like. Black complements every skin colour; it is a perfect outfit for ant party.

Party Look Black Dress
What are you waiting for ? Go groove up your body!
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