7 easy tricks to stop sweating over small things

By: Anushka De

Have you ever felt a speck of anxiety tingling your mind, or fretted over some minor issues which don’t easily bother others?

Staying locked up in our homes due to the ravaging pandemic situation has cropped up quite a bit of anxiety in most of our minds. It has been over three months now without the usual social interaction and consequently, we are all essentially overthinking about stuff going on around us.

So let us address this issue with some really easy tricks that would prevent us from getting bothered over the little things. Here we go:

Æ Self-reflection:

Have you given a thought or tried to enlist the things that worry you?

Self-Reflection: Key to reform
Self-Reflection: Key to reform

If you haven’t, then its time you go for it. Utilize the ample time that the lockdown is endowing you with and look beyond your worries.

Try to get a grip on the bigger picture in your mind. Jot down the kinds of stuff that bother you the most and soon, you will notice a pattern in your mind and the way it works. This will eventually help you to resonate with your thoughts.

Do not ever victimize or isolate yourself. Instead, understand that it is completely okay to feel whatever you are feeling and validate yourself.

Remember, acceptance and awareness are the most important steps to get rid of your unnecessary worries.

Æ Regular Exercise and Running:

Regular Exercises: Space for a great time
Regular Exercises: Space for a great time

You cannot run from your anxiety though it is running in your mind. Sad, but true.

Unfortunately, we cannot just repress negative thoughts or simply escape from them.

But it is medically proven that regular exercise releases endorphins or “happy hormones” and plays a major role in keeping us positive and healthy. If you cannot hit the gym, make sure you go for a quick run, or for a brisk walk every day.

Do this for a week and rest assured, the result will shock you.

Combine some meditation and yoga with your workout schedule, for a more calming and enriching experience.

Æ Time management:

Practice Time Management: A perfect life changing Habit
Practice Time Management: A perfect life changing Habit

Work on your time management skills and make sure you set aside some “me-time” for yourself daily. You can de-clutter your space, or spend it on your hobbies or simply give yourself a pep-talk in that while to keep yourself refreshed and motivated.

Æ Gratitude journal:

Maintain A Journal; A worthy Habit
Maintain A Journal: A worthy Habit

This is one of the best ways to get rid of overthinking, anxiety, and bothering over the small stuff. Practice gratitude and think of the things that you are grateful for in life. Jot these down every day before going to bed.

This will shift your focus to the brighter parts of your life and help you unravel the optimistic thoughts.

Æ Music:

Tune into the rhythms of music
Tune into the rhythms of music

Did you know music can actually relax you and have a huge impact on your mind?

In your leisure hours, spend a while listening to some music that you are absolutely in love with.

You can go for some upbeat tracks to get a fresh burst of energy or tune in to some slow, relaxing melodies. It will definitely keep your stress levels in check.

Æ Cut down on screen time:

Phone Time: Call for reduction
Phone Time: Call for reduction

Have you ever tried to reduce the number of hours you spend on your phone?

Nearly everyone ranging from young school students to the senior office workers is now hooked to their screens. However, we must understand the impact it has on our lives.

A significant increase in screen time can cause sleep troubles, eye strain, headaches, agitation, anxiety, depression, and what not.

Thus, start putting an effort to cut down on screen time as much as you can. Instead, spend some quality time with your family, read a book, try new things such as photography, or some gardening.

It will not only make you feel calmer but also slow down your negative responses and prevent you from reacting to small things.

Æ A good sleep:

Sleep activity: A must
A Good Sleep makes a day more productive

Sleep deprivation can often make you feel disturbed. Studies show that the lack of sufficient sleep increases frustration, and makes one short-tempered, irritated, and more vulnerable to stress.

Ensure that you have a good 7-8 hours of sleep every day to function better, concentrate more, and stop sweating over small things.

Reducing your stress levels in turbulent times like these may seem to be a tough job, but try incorporating the above stated easy tricks in your life and it will surely make a difference.

Remind yourself that the little things in life are meant to be savored with joy and not to be bothered with. Be proactive, not reactive and you will soon stop sweating over the small issues in life!

Have a good day!


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