7 Easy and Effective At Home Exercises for beginners

Updated: Feb 8

By: Abhigyan Pandey

If the idea of a home workout makes you yawn, give it a rethink! Dropping out the idea has the potential to edge you out in the competitive world. A general perception which exists in the society is that a handsome physique will garner greater eyes than a one with a belly. Hands down!

So, before you give up on physical fitness do remember that your friend is edging past you just because he appears to be fitter than you. This content is especially meant for all those people who want to embrace fitness in their lives. However, their mind hinders them to achieve what they want.

Dedicated this article to all the people who are ready to burn their midnight oil and allow fitness do justice to their lives.

It’s rightly said that “Master your mindset and you will Master your body”.

Spare a chance for the sweat to come out from your body and then see the magic which unfolds in front of your own eyes.

Here’s to wishing you a great workout day ahead as we switch on to the business mode. So, without further ado, let’s take the tough route!

7 Easy and fun At Home Exercises for beginners


Let’s check out how it ‘bridges’ your real self with the one you have dreamt off!

Get your core and posterior chain (backside of your body) activated with a bridge.

Considered as one of the best warm up exercises, it helps you to boost up your energy.

Directions to perform correct bridges!

Burn your calories by performing Bridges
Don't Think! Just Do it!

All you got to do is to:

  • Lie down on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and arms extended by your sides.

  • Pushing through your feet and bracing your core, raise your bottom off the ground until your hips are fully extended.

  • Make sure that your glutes squeeze at the top.

  • Slowly return to the starting position.

  • Repeat.

Click on the pictures to get your body grinding

Chair Squat

As your body gets heated, render an exciting experience with the help of a chair.

Strengthening your legs and core, Squats makes your everyday movements easier.

Preluding with a chair underneath will help you master proper form.

How to perform the Chair Squat?

Chair squats can burn a lot of calories and reduce your weight
You are the best! Nobody can stop You!

  • Stand in front of the chair with your feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed out.

  • Hinging at your hips and bending your knees, lower back and down until your bottom touches the chair.

  • Allow your arms to extend out in front of you.

  • Push up through your heels and return to the starting position in a swift manner.

  • Repeat

Knee Push up

A beginner-style push up. Catering you with the necessary strength to perform the real one, Knee push-up plays an instrumental role in building your shoulder muscles.

Crack the code:

Knee push up can help you do the real push up effectively
Push Your Confidence Up

  • Posture your body in a high plank position from your knees.

  • Maintaining a straight line from your head to your knees, bend your elbows to lower yourself down to the ground. Keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle.

  • Push back up to start.

  • Repeat.

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Straight Donkey-Kick

Sounds Funny, isn’t it? But don’t worry this donkey kick will pay you richly. As it helps in better glutes build up, nurture your physique with this very efficient exercise.

How to get your hands on?

Straight Donkey kick burns calories if performed on an extensive level
Kick out obesity from your life !

  • Get on all fours, with your hands aligned with your shoulders.

  • Your knees should also be aligned with your hips.

  • Keep your back straight and push your right foot out to the imaginary wall behind you while keeping your leg straight.

  • Your foot should remain flexed (toes pointing down to the floor) throughout the move.

  • Take care to keep your hips square to the ground.

  • Squeeze your buttocks at the top.

  • Return to the starting position.

  • Repeat on the other leg.

Side-Lying Hip Abduction

You may not think about strengthening your hip muscles until they start to bother you!

This happens especially when you sit all day. Counteracting that with hip-targeting movements proves to be very beneficial.

Give it a Try!

Side lying hip Abduction is a very prominent exercise to reduce thigh fat.
It's too easy for you!

  • Lie down on your left side making sure that your left leg remains straight, right leg straight, and right foot resting on the ground.

  • Raise your right leg up, maintaining the position of your body.

  • Ensure that your hips don’t open up.

  • Return to the start position.

  • Repeat on the other side.

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Bicycle Lunges

The fact you’ll work on your core with almost all of these mentioned strength exercises, also do get your body groove on a tad bit Abs workout which is beneficial in the longer run.

Do not think twice!

Bicycle lunges helps to keep your mid-rif strong
Keep Fighting!

  • Lie on your back and bring your legs to a tabletop position.

  • Bend your elbows, and put your hands behind your head.

  • Crunch up and bring your right elbow to your left knee, straightening your right leg.

  • Release the crunch slightly. Bend your right leg and straighten your left leg.

  • Gradually bring your left elbow to your right knee.

  • Repeat.

Click on the pictures to get your body grinding

Bird Dog

A full-body move that demands balance and stability from you. For a beginner, it is better to start with this version.

No looking Back!

Bird Dog exercise is essential to create body balance
Stay Strong!

Get down on all fours, ensuring your hands are directly underneath your shoulders and your knees are underneath your hips.

  • Keep your neck neutral and simultaneously extend your left arm and right leg, keeping your hips square to the ground.

  • Pause here for 2 seconds.

  • Return to the start position.

  • Repeat with your right arm and left leg.


Now that you have been encapsulated with effective exercises, it’s time to pull up your socks, put on the workout clad and place your yoga mat to drop some much-needed sweat!

Have a nice day!

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