• Riya Jadhav

7 Dazzling ways to get in the habit of Drinking Water

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

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Do your squats and DRINK MORE WATER

Love watching running water on the Internet? or were you watching a live stream.

See what I did there?

What keeps a duck floating above water?

Pier pressure.

LOL! That's rib-tickling.

Water is so spellbinding in its own ways, isn't it?

But why?

Not because, water allows the body to absorb minerals, vitamins OR

water flushes out toxins OR

water helps to regulate body temperature OR

water acts as a lubricant for joints and muscles

But because we can come up with such funny one-liners and puns which are hella hilarious!



Coming back to the square one,

Let's talk serious,

I'm not going to preach facts and information about how drinking water is good and how it can change one's life because we all are already aware of it.

But I'll rather focus on what's important that is,

We all know we should drink a specific amount of water- 'THIS' many ounces per day or in layman words XYZ number of glasses.

We do create a drinking schedule but it does it really last more than a week.

No right?

No one talks about "How" to DRINK MORE WATER.

Let's learn and adopt these 7 TOP AND EFFECTIVE ways or 'lifehacks to be precise' to trick your brain to drink more water!


If you are a morning person, a professional, and a disciplined human then it's going to be very easy for you to do this hack-

Make up your damn mind!

If you have a habit of drinking tea or coffee every morning then make sure you drink a glass of water with it. If you are someone like me, not so professional, not a consistent morning person or anything that even defines discipline, then don't be gloomy.

Here's what you can do,

Make sure you keep a glass of water on your side table near your bed every night without fail and as soon as you wake up drink it before you start scrolling your Instagram.

(Be a healthy morning person and not a forcefully adopted early riser-click here)


Buy a transparent water bottle and a permanent marker and mark the timings on it with an interval of nearly 1.5 hrs. Now, where you have marked timing is the level you need to finish the water till that time. Stick an inspirational sticker or image onto it for further motivation.

The more you bond with your water bottle, the less likely you’ll be to lose it. Don’t forget to refill it as soon as it’s empty.


"Gamifying"(is this even a dictionary word? Nevermind, it is.)

Gamifying things around you can make stuff a lot easier and fun. Giving yourself a target to complete a particular task will create a positive cloud of competition around you. Treat yourself with something good that you don't easily get,

Here I'm not talking about fancies like gifting yourself a car for consistently drinking water for a week (unless you are someone with riches)

No, instead buy a book you always wanted to read or visit a place you always wanted to go. That sounds more reasonable and real to me.

Isn't it?


You are the master of your brain. It should not be the other way around.

Trick your brain to drink water


Decide adamantly in your head a few things like

1) You won't eat food until you drink a glass or two before

2) With every cup of coffee or tea make a habit to drink a glass of water with it.

3) Have a sip as soon as you finish your work

4) Drink half or quarter liters as soon as you use the restroom.

If you have a very hectic schedule, set alarms on your smartphones for drinking water. There are also apps like HealthifyMe that can help you to document everything from the number of glasses you drank in 24 hours to reminding you of your next intake.

Seek for such external resources that will help you in analyzing your intake and keep your track clean.


If you are tired and are done with drinking that normal, plain water

Then give it a crook,

Use it in other forms, make yourself a good milkshake or a smoothie, and add a lot of ice cubes.

If you love scented water, add rose petals or mint to your jug and let it sit overnight and drink it in the morning and feel the freshness.

Add flavors to it, squeeze lemon to add an authentic sourness to it, and pour some sweetening agent to satisfy your tongue. You can also experiment with all the resources you have, add ginger and mint or lemon and honey and keep examining and experimenting on other zillion possibilities.

Share your recipes with us and mention your favorite in the comments section below!


Some fruits and vegetables have a lot of water content. So other than just drinking plain water, how about eating a fruit which is rich in water content?

For example, water-melon, lettuce, cucumber, grapes, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, berries, cherries, apricot, etc

Keep your favorite ones close to you.

Also keep in mind when you cook these as they lose a lot of water in the process, so try to eat it raw- sprinkle some spices, salt, oregano, etc to add some flavors and have fun eating water.


Okay, this is the best one out of all,

I remember yelling at my mom and throwing tantrums just to get a bottle which had an inbuilt straw in it.

Were you also bewitched with straws, just like me?

Like honestly apart from doing disgusting and gross things like blowing into the bottle to see how bubbles rise from the bottom of the straw you can't deny that frequency of your peeing was more than usual. That's because your water intake was more- without even trying.


Yeah, it's just how we humans are we find fascination in every small thing. So, 


And buy yourself a bottle with straws.

So here it is- 7 surprisingly perfect and effective ways to drink more water every day.

In conclusion, don't forget to be grateful to have this privilege -at least you have a glass of water to drink every day.

There are these places in the world- people who are fighting with deadly droughts, They are struggling for just one drop of water.

So respect what you have and use it thoughtfully.

As mentioned in

'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner', by Samuel Taylor Coleridge 'Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink"

You are not stuck in the middle of the salty ocean, you have quite convenient lives, so utilize it and take care of your soul vessel!

Anything excess can destroy you in a million ways which you can't even imagine. Excess water in your body can lead to fluid overload and imbalance. It will cause lower sodium levels in your body, which may further cause nausea, vomiting, cramps, etc.


STAY hydrated and avoid consumption of EXCESS water.

Thank you and have a well-hydrated day!


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