7 classic pieces of clothes that come in handy every time

By: Lavina Thawar

Fashion varies from one person to the other. Some like to dress up with a minimal number of clothing items while some like to go overboard and that’s completely fine. Some people find confidence in dressing up elegantly with very little or almost no skin show yet others find their confidence in bold outfits. It depends on person to person. It is okay to have a different sense of fashion and style.

Fashion is something that defines your personality. We buy so many clothes and try to stick to the latest trends. We usually end up buying so many basic pieces sometimes that there’s no room left for other new outfits to fit in. That happens because firstly repeating the basics is a little tricky. Secondly, we always get our hands on the wrong pieces which cannot be styled in many ways. After wearing it once or twice it remains in a corner of the shelf which leads to capturing the space on our shelf.

Therefore, we have gathered some great outfit ideas that’ll come in handy for your everyday style


Not most of us value a white shirt, although it’s such a classic piece we all can swear by. Irrespective of you being a girl or a tomboy whether you’re into modest fashion or bold fashion this piece of cloth can be a holy grail. Without much thinking just invest in a good oversized white shirt preferably. You can wear it as a simple shirt dress by adding a few statement pieces like jewellery and a good thick belt.

You can also open the first few buttons and wear them as an off-shoulder dress. You can add-on your favourite pants and trust me, you pick any colour of the pants and it’ll look with your white shirt. You can add your favourite skirt. Any kind of bottoms will work. From formal to informal you can always create an infinite number of styles with your white shirt.

Fashion white dress


A white T-shirt works as same as a white shirt. Apart from making it off-shoulder, you can wear it like a one-shoulder top if bought over-sized. You can tie it up or tuck it under your bra to wear it like a crop top. You can pull it off with any pair of bottoms for a casual outing.


Skinny jeans are something that goes with almost every t-shirt and tops. You can pair it with your cute top for a girl’s day out or a date maybe. You can throw on a leather jacket or an oversized blazer for a late-night party and you will be sorted.


Invest in a good black and a nude-coloured midi-length pencil skirt. You can always pair them up with any shirt, a simple pendant, and a pair of heels. If not comfortable with heels then slight one-inch heeled pumps would do a great job.

You will be sorted for an office look. You can also transform your looks if going to a party after work by unbuttoning your shirt and changing your hairstyle. You can also replace the shirt with a sexy pair of tops. Add on some good jewellery. It’ll give you a very classy-chick yet very elegant kind of look.


Black trousers simply work like skinny fit jeans and a pencil skirt as mentioned above. A crop top gives a good structure to your body compared to the regular top. If you are someone who is not comfortable with showing off much skin and still like wearing a crop top you can go for high-waisted pants. The trousers will work both formal and informal.


You must invest in a good plain maxi dress in basic colours. By adding and subtracting chunks of jewellery and other accessories you can dress it up and dress it down.

Fashion maxi dress


A blazer is something that gives power to your outfit. From throwing on a blazer over your formal outfit to throwing an oversized blazer for your party outfit it is that piece that’ll boost up your confidence instantly. It’ll make you look very polished. The best footwear to pair it up with your blazers would be a good pair of boots.

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