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8 captivating ways how retro can set the trend in 2020

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Twenties fashion has been more about recreating fashion from the past. Retro fashion has made a major comeback these days and it has become difficult for us to make out which fashion genre we actually belong to!

We always feel short of clothes whenever we have to attend any occasion or even go out on casual days, so why not pick up some of the pieces of our grandmother’s wardrobe and wear it with a twist so that we don’t look as if we are going to a costume party.

Here are some of the major retro comebacks we have witnessed in the recent past which has been the absolute favourite of the 2020s.

1.) Pearls

This is one of the major comebacks of retro fashion. Along with oxidised silver jewellery and metallic pieces women, these days are totally in love with pearls. A string of pearls added to your regular outfit can help you get that retro look. It can be worn with literally any outfit – jeans, dresses, pantsuits and sarees. Layered pearl neckpieces will not only make you look like a royal princess but also help you to attain a chic and posh look.

A pearl jewellery set.

2.) Tweed

Retro Fashion
Tweed Ponchu

Tweeds are all in fashion these days as donned by fashion influencers all over Instagram. They can never be out of fashion and instantly gives you a fresh look. These are definitely one of our favourite pieces in our granny’s wardrobe.

3.) Faux fur and sunglasses

Retro Fashion
Faux fur coat

Faux fur coats were in rage in the 70s. We cannot find something more suitable to keep us warm and give us a stylish look in winters other than faux fur coats. They add an oomph factor to every outfit and also give us that retro look.

To recreate the retro fashion, pair these with aviator sunglasses in the morning and cat-eye frames at night.

Aviator sunglasses have made a huge comeback from the 50s and women are totally in love with cat-eye frames these days. These glasses paired with literally anything can help you attain that retro look.

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4.) Bell bottoms and sleeves

Retro Fashion
Bell bottoms

Bell bottoms were all in trend back in the 70s and have swooped in fashion these days and women are totally in love with these.

Bell sleeves have also made a comeback in the 2020s. Bell sleeved top or bell-bottoms paired with a headband helps you attain that retro look.

5.) Corset belts

 Retro Fashion
Corset Belt

Corsets were invented in France in the late 16th century to give shape to a woman’s body. But these days they are used more flexibly and can be worn over any outfit to give a retro look. Corset belts immediately glam up your look and accentuate your waist.

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6.) Square toe shoes, platform sandals and socks

Retro look
Square toed sandals

Knee-high socks remind us of elementary schools but however, these are an absolute retro trend. These socks were earlier a replacement to pantyhose but now are worn with shorter hemlines and sleek heels to give a retro look.

Our regular loafers, kitten heel pumps or mules if are square toe shaped adds a retro look. The square shape gives more space to our toes and keeps us comfortable all day long without hurting our toes.

Another thing which has been quite trending as well as comfortable to wear these days are platform sandals. They look cool with everything and keep you comfortable all day long.

7.) Babushka Scarves and hats

retro look
Babushka Scarve

Headscarves or babushka scarves are back in fashion and are taking the streets by storm. Hats have also made a major comeback these days and are also one of our favourite retro fashions’ as it not only makes an outfit look dressier but also protects our hair from damage from the pollution and ultraviolet rays outside.

8.) Structured bags

Retro fashion
Structured bag

Structured bags even back in those days were a thing in women’s wardrobe. Mostly found in vintage shops even a few years ago these bags are a major comeback of the retro fashion and can be seen styled by fashion designers all over the world.

My dear ladies remember not to pair most of these items together as we do not want to look like we are attending a theme party but you can add each of these in regular outfits to give you the desired retro look.

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Happy Styling!


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