6 stunning principles to achieve your goals in 2020

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

In the popular words of Les Brown, "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars." To put it simply, this quote advocates the necessity of dreaming big in life. The persistent habit of pushing your mind in the direction of your google is what makes you different from a person who decided to not leave the couch come what may.

Dreams are a foundation stone which helps you to don the wings of success with hard work over the span of time. However, always remember that a dream without a plan is just a wish. With that being said, let us break down the steps one must inherit in their lives to transform their dreams into reality.

short term goals in 2020

In the pandemic hit world, the importance of goals in life has got inevitably amplified. Given the magnitude of the situation, nobody can confirm exactly how the post-pandemic world would unfold in front of our eyes. Hence, let us understand the importance of concrete short-term goals in life so that you chuckle the taste of success in the long term.

Benefits of Goals in life

While we intrinsically switch from a dependent mode to independent mode, our minds start posing quirky questions. From choosing correct paths to adding bottlenecks in the form of fear, our brain does not stop adding misery in an already painful life. Yes! More than half of the youths experience these thoughts hovering over their heads on a daily basis. This is all because of the fact that nobody taught them to dream big in life. Every successful individual has dreamt very big in their childhood which had the potential of snatching their midnight sleep as a result they are touching the blue skies today.

In what can be the most overlooked aspect of goal setting is that people tend to think that there is a certain age limit until which a person must mull about their dreams. However, our ability to envisage our career must end only when we are inhaling the last breath of our life.

While the clock continues to tick, it’s time to imbibe the right habits as you look to set and achieve your goals.

1. Set smart and attainable short-term goals:

Sticking to realistic terms is quintessential when setting a legitimate goal in life. With an assessment of your capacity being the center of goal setting, it becomes significant to aim for the goal which is achievable within the time you have set. Overburdening yourself can never be the right option if you want to see yourself strolling on the world stage.

short term goals in 2020

2. Stay True:

With mind fixed to the goal, your whole-hearted devotion to the aim is a key to bring the lost glow in your smile. Remembering that nothing gets done properly if one is trying to imitate others. Being true to one’s identity and motivating oneself in the thicks and thins is an indispensable part and has got no alternative. In short, one must be aware of his /her strengths and weaknesses to assess what he/she is capable of. (Raid yourself and identify the talents which you possess because nobody can trespass into your heart!)

short term goals i n 2020

3. Become one with your goals:

Integrate the goals as a part of your life. Imbibe them and make sure everything you do is deliberate and geared towards the achievement of your goals. Carrying a pull-no-punches attitude will help you to invariably generate energy to get back to the goal even if some part of your body is forcing you to back out. Doing this will help you prioritize and stay focused on your dreams which is extremely important to climb the ladder of success in life.

short term goals i n 2020

4. Never let your circumstances take control over you:

Nothing goes according to the plan. What’s crucial is not to restrict yourself or back out throwing excuses to circumstances. Bottlenecks is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. A successful person knows how to sneakily pass through the rough patches rather than pull their hands off. One must be mentally ready to face all kinds of roadblocks which will appear in regular intervals of time. Whatever the drawback is, always hold somewhere at the back of your mind that you must not lose focus of the goal.

short term goals in 2020

5. Always be ready to pay the price for success:

While you must remember that there is nothing in this world that is priceless, so you must not hesitate to make those pricey sacrifices to bag success in the true sense of the term. Therefore, it is advisable to write down those things that you would not give up on no matter what. Such things, as your probity and integrity, must never be compromised.

short term goals in 2020

6. Prefer taking honest feedback from others:

It is rightly said that man is a man’s best judge. So, one must not hesitate to garner advices, praises and criticisms which helps you to ameliorate and also recognize where corrections are needed. Feedback will help you take note of your blind spots and fix them. It is always good to ask feedback from the people who observe you from very close quarters. It can be your mentor, friend or family.

Now with the hope that you either note down or register the above-mentioned points in your mind, it would be a sheer delight for me if this article can help you ignite the sparkle of believe within you. To wrap it up, always give your best shot each day and seize the world!

short term goals in 2020

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