6 spectacular food servings which makes Uganda steal the top spot in the world fitness rankings

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

By: Abhigyan Pandey

Imagine yourself leading a life in a country that worships fitness. Health problems and obesity are never a part of your dining table discussions. Yes, to everyone’s surprise, the land of your dreams is none other than Uganda.

Located in Africa and also called the Pearl of the continent, Uganda bags the top spot when it comes to the rankings of the world’s fittest countries. Paving the right path for the world, this landlocked nation boasts one of the finest fitness cultures.

Known for burning their midnight oil, the Ugandans do not leave any stone upturned to maintain the daily fitness regime. Now, its time that we swiftly move on to explore what the Ugandans do to stay in shape which eventually separates it apart from the biggest and powerful nations of the globe.

Inexorable Fitness freak women of Uganda
Inexorable Fitness freak women of Uganda

Dynamic Lifestyle

How different is the lifestyle of Uganda from yours ? Let us check out:

Labeled as an under-developed country, Ugandans are believed to work their sweat out to earn a living which contributes to their fitness.

Besides, their regular physical hard work on duty, they do not rest back at home for comfort rather they love to burn their calories through heavy workout outside the four walls of the home.

The study, tracking the level of physical activity around the world, found that only 5.5% of Ugandans had an insufficient level of activity lending an argument in favor of the top spot in the rankings.

President of Uganda setting benchmark towards the nation
President of Uganda setting benchmark towards the nation

Stretch open the locks of your body in the Ugandan way!

Many of us procrastinate a lot when it comes to exercises but continue to wear a sad face after we check out some of the fitness freaks on our social media accounts right?

Now, its time to say goodbye to the procrastinating thoughts which hindered you all this time to get your hands within the comfort of dumbbells as we muscle up to learn the essentials you must keep in your unconscious mind to level up your body.

Diet on their plate!

Mouth-watering food delicacies of Uganda
Mouth-watering food delicacies of Uganda

It is rightly said that what you intake despite heavy workout is the biggest game-changer in body transformation. So, let us find out the diet of the people of Uganda which even you must endorse from tomorrow.

  1. Ugandans love for eating healthy and real foods goes beyond words. It’s what they do. Drooling over posho and beans for dinner turns out their stress buster after a tough usual field day.

  2. While various Ugandan tribes sport their specialty dishes, they love to prefer starchy staples like potatoes, beans, cornmeal mixtures, greens, plantains, bananas, sweet potatoes, cassava, and peanuts as they contain high nutrients and carbohydrates which provides the required energy to the body.

  3. Posho sometimes called ugali, posho is simply fine, white corn flour that is thoroughly mixed with boiling water until it stiffens into a smooth, doughy consistency.

  4. What adds a healthy physique to the bodies of Ugandans is Matoke (sometimes spelled matooke) is a banana variety that is considered more of a plantain. Centered around plant-based diet matoke is a delight for any native in Uganda.

  5. In Uganda, Katogo kicks their day off with a hearty portion of fried plantains served with soup, beans, beef, and vegetables to help boost their energy for the entire day.

  6. The most prominent thing about Uganda’s diet is that nutritious eating is the norm because that’s what other people do. That’s how they learned to eat from their respected family members

Now that you have understood the different varieties of food which the people of Uganda crave for on their dining tables, its time that you too get your hands on it, and little will you know that you have added extra weight of glow and healthy to your body in no time.

Food for thought!

If you are feeling shy to intake the diet which does not suit your taste buds, then here is a quick tip to evade the thought. All you got to do is to mentally prepare yourself that your taste buds shouldn’t remain confined to one type of delicacies. It has got just one life and give your taste buds liberty in the true sense of the word.

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