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6 well-founded reasons for maintaining eye contact

Maintaining eye-contact

Have you ever observed a newborn?

Every time you talk to them, naturally they will follow your eye movements- which has a strong cooperative, attentive and super calming effect on us.

Isn't it?

Did you ever tell anyone to look into your eyes and then talk or vice versa has anyone asked you to do the same?

It's because eye contact is directly connected to the cords of trust. A person who keeps eye contact is instantly more reliable than the person who doesn't.

The counterpart is also true, liers tend to look into your eyes more than legitimate people because it radiates energies of trust and honesty.


eye connection is such an underrated skill that we never even consider putting it on our learning list.

So let's dive right into 6 reasons that will hopefully convince you to master maintaining eye contact.

It prioritizes you

Sustaining eye contact is directly proportional to your rank in others priority list- in amateur words, good eye contact means there is more probability that people will recognize you and your conversation. It's because they felt connected to you and naturally developed a good image in their heads-its very simple and its idealogy is scientific in the core.

A natural lie detector


Eyes never lie, we are programmed in such a manner that confronting someone becomes challenging in almost every situation. One is considered more honest when they maintain eye contact. well, liers tend to use this as a trick to manipulate others.

In ancient times it was metaphorically quoted that 'eyes are windows to one's soul'.

It's very understood that no one can LITERALLY be telepathic like Professor X (Xmen-ref). But believe it or not, you call it a hunch or gut feeling you just know deep down when someone is lying on your face. Paranoia and doubt enter uninvited.

Anyways, the main point is maintaining eye contact can help one to build trust and confidence.

Eye contact brings you close to "YOU"

Did you ever feel intensely attached to someone?

Might be your boss, date, relative, friend, or parent that their eye contact makes you more accessible to your thoughts. You get the benefit to think about yourself and your big picture in eyes of others.

Eye meeting can significantly heighten your self-consciousness.

You can also help others in connecting with themselves- you just have to learn the right way, don't you feel those chilled and lumpy feeling when you talk to your crush face to face? This is because you are maintaining intense eye contact and you are encouraging him/her to connect more deeply and get more engaged.

Pinpoints your focus on one thing

When you maintain eye contact you tend to be a good listener or at least it seems like you are listening closely. You perceive more and you're more fixated on what someone is saying or presenting. The opposite is also apt, more you try to maintain eye contact during a presentation or conference more is the possibility that attenders put their attention into your work.

Can make you look more presentable and attractive

That's true, good eye contact can boost your self-esteem and will help you a lot to relate with other people. And when you relate you are indirectly inviting the other person to participate more -which feels super comforting and warm to both entities It also encourages good and healthy relationships.

Be the next Obama

A simple practice of eye contact can level up your oratory skills to the next level. When you talk to someone you intuitively adjust your style, tone, and pace according to the people you are communicating with. Once you master this skill there is no looking back, your public speaking skills can boost in ways you can't even imagine.

How do you think the prominent leaders of all time influence large masses?

Think about it.

That's it, here you have your 6 really important reasons

- People will recognize you more

- You can build trust

- You become more self-aware

- Helps you in focusing

- Makes you attractive

- It levels up your public speaking skills

This little, unnoticed, and insignificant action of maintaining eye contact can truly change the course of your upcoming conversations in ways you won't believe.

Try them and let me know how it went in the comments section below.

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