6 eye-opening strategies to influence people on anything

How amazing it would be if you possess a rare quality to influence people with your personality?

Allow me to rephrase the same.

What if I tell You that you have a hidden potential to influence people which probably even you aren’t aware of?

That’s right.

You don’t have to wander around here and there anymore in search of this innate quality which you are born with. This article is dedicated to all the people who have been expressing their astonishment towards others who have the potential power to influence people to work within their fingertips.

Influence people at work place
Influence people in the right way

If You have the ability to influence people then a lot of your daily problems can be solved without pressure mounting on Yourself. Adding confidence to your personality with zeal and vigor, it can help you achieve success in your field which you have been craving for. Not only it can help you attain a lot of followers in real life, but also allows you to excel in almost every aspect of your lives including personal, business and others.

Now that you have understood the benefits of Influencing people, it’s time for you to become one.

Here is a list of 6 incredible strategies that can help you to Knock other’s socks when You surprise them with Your invincible influencing power.

1. Take deep interest in other People

Learning to influence people
Give an ear to what other's say

Look Inwards!

Are You someone who can talk at length about Yourself while having a conversation with others? If yes, then it's time to put a full stop and allow the person next to You to start the sentence.

Every human interaction is a two-way transaction. Taking an interest in other’s lives establishes an optimistic aura in the conversation. Often, what we overlook is the essence of this aspect in conversations.

A quick question which you must ask to yourself.

“As a person who influences you the most in your daily life ?”

Studies have shown that it is constant, friends in our lives that influence in our life decisions.

In order to be relatable to your friends, it is important to interact and develop a similar perception when it comes to friendship. Showing your legitimate concerns on their problems can give them an impression about your authenticity which appears to be a necessary aspect in your lives.

2. Show Your Respect to other's opinions

Respect other's opinion to influence people at work

A Quick self-Reflection!

You must have realized that You become a great bigot when other's views aren't in line with yours. Why is it so?

Every individual has their own perception or idea about the world. Often what is found among the people is that they throw counter opinions to one’s point of view which ultimately leads to a brawl.

It is advisable to instill a belief in your mind to respect other’s opinions. For the lack of better sentences, it should be understood that a person who ticks all boxes of an antagonist can never influence people.

A statement like “you’re wrong” or “your opinion makes no sense” has the potential to downsize your image in front of the people.

The easiest yet the best way to establish the wall of trust between you and others is to respect everyone irrespective of the fact whether their opinion matches yours or not. To earn a tall image, it needs years of sacrifice and composure. However, a second or a minute to break the same.

3. Give other’s a sense that it's their idea

Influence people at work with lead from the front attitude

Every Individual believes their every breath deserves dignity and respect. Once they receive their sense of Entitlement to their opinions, moral respect for the person maximizes to an extent that they ready to obey their orders. Over the years, we have always tried to make our projects better to thrive.

Of course, we would help our friends but we are going to drop more sweat when it comes to keeping the dignity of oneself upright. So, for establishing one’s ideas it is always desirable to appreciate other’s say so that it seems like their ideas are taken into consideration before arriving at the conclusion.

4. Make sure Your cause Remains Noble

Influence people at work by readily helping other's out
Lend your hand to people who need help!

Give it a think?

Are you ever going to be influenced by a person whose thoughts and vision lacks moral values?

The base of influencing people lies on one’s credibility. The fact that everyone sees themselves as a hero in their own lives which is why no one would actually like to pat one’s back if the cause remains ignoble. The only way to make people agree with one’s idea is by selling them the emotional chord attached to the idea. Giving an emotional blend and twist to your idea has the potential capacity to move others.

5. Work on Creating Urgency

Create a sense of urgency to influence people at work

Food For thought?

Nobody denies the fact that their lives need a change. So, why not target the aspects which people consciously agrees upon but unconsciously tends to procrastinate it? Be a catalyst to drive a change in an individual’s lives.

A fact says that four out of five people readily admit that something in their life requires a change, but they just as readily admit that they aren’t doing anything about it. An individual can play an instrumental role if he can ignite the spark of urgency of change among people. Use a sequence of simple probes that gently move the conversation closer to the real problem. An influencer’s goal is to guide people to see the potential impact of indecision.

6. Work on initiating change

To influence people one needs to initiate  change in one's life

Aren’t we all aware of a famous saying which goes as,

“You only have one chance to make a first impression”.

When it comes to initiating change, that one chance usually boils down to about 45- 50 seconds. This makes your opener particularly important. To build an intense impact it is essential to open the conversation on a profound note. The worst opener could be “I need to talk with you.” (Think about how those six words make you feel. Not great, right?) The best openers include softer words and phrases, such as ask you, listen to you, or need your help. Also Read: https://www.dalecarnegie.com/en/resources/ebooks

Hit the right chord and the warm vibe will be palpable to You. Guaranteed!

Now as you are aware of what are the tiny things which an influencer practices to create an environment favorable to him. So, it’s now your turn to influence the world in a positive way. GO win the world!

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By: Abhigyan Pandey

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