Top 6 extravagant fashion brands that you must look up to in 2020

By Subhangee Mohanta

Fashion is a way to express ourselves, so why not express it in the most extravagant way. Owning clothes and accessories from high-end fashion brands is every fashion lover’s dream. Luxury fashion brands are a statement in themselves. For a fashion lover to own an item of clothing from the famous clothing brands is a treat, the artistry that goes behind these fashion lines are mesmerizing. Extravagant is a way to express ourselves, and luxury brands live to provide extravagance.

Before I introduce you to the extravagant fashion brands, let's understand the reason for their popularity and demand. As much the brand name sells in the fashion market, these luxury fashion houses have years of legacy behind them and fashion designers with mastery in different skills who meticulously work to provide each fashion line. These brands have gained their reputation and name with new fashion innovations and groundbreaking statements that have shaped and influenced generations of fashion.

Top 6 extravagant fashion brands to look up in 2020!

6. Gucci

One of the most well-known luxury brands, Gucci is a luxury brand based in Florence, Italy. Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci and under the direction of Aldo Gucci, it became one of the biggest worldwide brand and an icon of the Italian Dolce Vita.

With Tom Ford named as the creative director of Gucci in 1946, Gucci again came back to its limelight gaining major fashion brands and shares reviving its Porno Chic line. The iconic GG logo, the green-red-green strips have now come to represent the brand.

Its revenue being around 9.628 billion euros, Gucci is one of the most prominent fashion brands. With the recent 2020 Spring-Summer collection for women and men by Alessandro Michele, it brings art to life with patterns and use of silhouettes combining with straitjackets and other variations of it.

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Fashion Brands 2020

5. Chanel

The princess of extravagant fashion brand, Chanel is a French Fashion House that mostly focuses on women’s high Fashion and ready-to-wear clothes, luxury goods, and accessories. Founded in the year 1909, the House of Chanel is crafted by couturière Coco Chanel.

She catered towards creating a simple yet elegant high fashion couture dress, blouses, suits, and trousers for women. Known for its No. 5 perfume and the iconic Chanel suit, the use of jersey fabric to make both high-end fashions (haute couture) and everyday fashion has garnered its place in the fashion industry.

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Chanel even from its earlier days challenged the feminine notion by creating silhouettes that are more associated with masculine features. Its recent Spring-Summer collection of 2020 features the classic suits with tweed play-suits, silk shorts, coat-dresses, and bell-shaped skirts to give young women the couture Chanel experience.

Fashion Brands 2020

4. Dior

In the luxury fashion market Dior is a known name, a French luxury good company that creates high-end fashion accessories and clothing. Founded in the year 1946 by designer Christian Dior.

The Dior House currently designs and retails leather goods, fashion accessories, fragrances, makeup, and skincare products while maintaining the creation of haute-couture clothing.

The full-skirted silhouette became the most popular look from the Dior designs gaining them prominent clients and names in the industry. The 2020 Spring-Summer collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri worked with environment-based designs bringing in different silhouettes to match with a full-sleeved blouse with a different pattern and a soothing color palette of blues and neutrals.

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Fashion Brands 2020

3. Balenciaga

A Spanish Luxury fashion brand, founded in 1917 by Designer Cristobal Balenciaga. As a master couturier himself, the fashion house produced high-end clothing and accessories with uncompromising standards.

His bubble skirt and odd, feminine yet modernistic silhouettes became the trademark for the house. The Balenciaga foot-wears are the rage now from its iconic ‘Ceinture’ boots to the trademark Balenciaga sneakers these are universally loved by all. The Spring-Summer 2020 collection shows pure mastery off seamstresses with runway looks carrying a variety of coats and jackets with over-sized silhouettes.

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Fashion Brands 2020

2. Louis Vuitton

one of the most famous fashion brand worldwide, Louis Vuitton is a French fashion house and luxury retail company. Founded by Louis Vuitton in the year 1854, Louis Vuitton has decades of fashion influence over the industry.

The iconic monogram LV that can be seen in most of its products has now become a statement of its own. Popularizing is almost all fashion-related items, LV produces leather goods, ready to wear clothes, sunglasses, bags, footwear, etc.

The craftsmanship behind each of the products created are meticulous, this is what gives this fashion house its extravagance and reputation. The 2020 Fall collection by Nicolas Ghesquiere has bought the past and the present together with the theme that:

Fashion is a mirror of the present moment- but not any old mirror.

Fashion Brands 2020

1. Alexander McQueen Label

if extravagance has a name it should have been Alexander McQueen. The late master couturier and British based fashion designer Alexander McQueen is one of the most beautiful and masterful designers. His designs tell stories and each piece has a statement of its own. His shows were developed with a reputation of controversy and shock. His clothes often were provocative sporting tears and slashes in private areas as a powerful message. Yet his designs are beautiful and meticulously handcrafted, owning a piece of his clothing is an honor for any fashion lover.