6 easy celebrity styling tips to flaunt your curvy side

Updated: Sep 8

By Debangana Roy

Are you still under the impression that women strive to get a figure zero?

In this world where people, styles are constantly changing we are learning to embrace our body the way it is. People no longer strive to obtain a particular body type but flaunt their own bodies with confidence.

A curvy body type which also means an hourglass figure is a body type with broader shoulders and hip and a comparatively smaller waist.

If you have a curvy shaped body it is more advisable to wear clothes of correct fit rather than baggy clothes because it may make your body look larger than it originally is.

Opt for fabrics that flatter your body and not clutch onto it. Solid colored or colour blocked outfits are highly flattering for hourglass body types.

Choose the correct lingerie as it is one of the very important factors which help clothes fit better.

You may also invest in a shape-wear or a bodysuit and the plan is not to change your body shape but to enhance your curves. Invest in heels as it gives a lift to your body whereas it is totally fine if you are more comfortable with flats and shoes.

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Here are some guidelines for you to flaunt your body:


Diagonal stripes placed juxtaposed are perfect for an hourglass body type as they create an optical illusion which will make you look slimmer and they flatter every part of the body.

Vertical stripes would too help to create a slimming illusion and also help you look taller.

Horizontal stripes would help to accentuate your waist only if placed strategically.

Make sure to buy outfits with broader stripes rather than thinner because broader seem to compliment your curves more than the thinner stripes.


Deep neck or V- neck shows some skin and gives an elongated shape to you torso.

Halter necks are great for showcasing your shoulders and drawing attention to the upper body thereby creating a balanced effect.

Off shoulder tops or dresses will draw attention to your upper torso giving you a chic look. You can flaunt you bare shoulders by accessorizing – a layered neck piece or a pendant or a statement earring would draw more attention towards your face.


Waist belts particularly wider belts helps in defining your waist as they cinch on to a larger portion of your waist and gives it a flattering shape.

Put together your outfit by tying a waist belt and accentuate your waistline.

Use thinner belts with a tight garment whereas wider belts with loose garments.

Peplum topes serve the same purpose and they seem to be made for hourglass body types. They highlight every feature of your body and emphasizes on the narrowest part of your body.


One can never go wrong with layering.

Be it the summers or the winters choose hues which suit you, correct fabrics, strips or prints that will help you flaunt your body. Remember to always go for larger strips and bigger prints.


Pencil skirts will hug your body and help you flatter your hips and highlight your curves and smoothen up your thighs. Short skirts or dresses will make you look taller.

A line skirts also help in creating an elongating effect especially when paired with a fitted top.


Skinny jeans and baggy jeans are a big no for curvy body as they make your body look shapeless and larger than it actually is.

Formal wide legged trousers and culottes are the most flattering for your bust. They have a wide hem that balance out the wider hips and the thighs.

Cargo pants too look good on casual days.

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