Wanting a physique of your wildest dreams ? Tune into the 5 jaw dropping easy and fun exercises

Updated: Feb 3

By: Abhigyan Pandey

How many of us in today’s trying times are pushing our mind to roll up our sleeves and get down for a heavy fitness workout then eventually backing out giving an excuse to ourselves?

A quirky way to kick off this article but surely an introspective one. We live in an era where our smartness is defined by the number of packs our midriff has developed after rigorous training over the years.

Giving importance to fitness has never been a priority ever before. However, things are changing for a good. The importance of remaining fit needs to be echoed and amplified in the society for a healthy future.

No doubt social media has a great role to play in it. With millions of individuals joining hands to level up their bodies, the hope and empathy to upkeep the muscles and body stands upright.

Listen to what your body demands from you and accept them immediately!

So, if you are ready to burn your midnight oil and answer all the tough questions posed to you by your body then scroll down below as here are the list of exercises for any hardworking beginner. So, get started with a bang!

Tone up your body

Say bye-bye to weight and give your body a shape!

It is rightly said that a change can only take place if you learn to start. To the beginners, don’t let boredom and Laziness snatch away the physique of your dreams from you. As you move on, eventually a lot of thoughts will pop up into your mind demanding your resignation, but never let those taxing thoughts win over you. So, start practicing today!

6 Easy and effective Exercises for You

10 Body-weight Squats:

Master the body-weight squat!

Bodyweight squat
Give your thighs a cure!

1. Make sure your feet, shoulder-width remains apart and toes slightly turned out.

2. Slowly bend at the knees and drop your hips to lower your body.

3. At the time you reach the bottom of the exercise pause for a moment and strongly push back up to the starting position.

4. Repeat it 10 times daily for the next 5 days.

10 Push-ups
push up a beauty of a fitness drill
Push yourself Up to look sassy on mirror!

Posture your push up correctly!

· Get down on all fours, placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.

· Straighten your arms and legs in a smooth manner.

· Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor.

· Pause, then push yourself back up. cautiously.

· Repeat.

Click on the pictures to get your outfit set and set to sweat

10 Walking lunges (each leg)

Walking Lunges
Walking Lunges: An easy and fun way to keep yourself on top shape

Grasp the easy steps and make others stare at you with astonishment!

Stand upright.

Make sure your feet are together and take a controlled step forward with your right leg.

Lower your hips towards the floor by bending both knees to 90-degree angles.

The back knee should point towards the ground but must not touch the ground.

Your front knee should be directly over the ankle.

Come back to the starting position.


Click on the pictures to get your outfit set and set to sweat

10 Dumbbell rows (use a Jug)