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6 classy tips to upgrade your fashion sense in no time

Your fashion sense is your way of expression, so why not go classy? Class doesn’t mean you need to go over the top, class means bold and confided. The way you present yourself changes your whole demeanour. Learn to play around with different clothes and style, your usual style can get boring or you might just want to try something new. Its always good to learn different tips and tricks to expand on your fashion sense.

Here are 6 classy tips to upgrade your fashion sense in no time!

1) Solids and bold:

Patters are beautiful but solid colours-speaks confidence. While looking for an outfit to wear that is bold and shows your confidence go for solid colours, especially monochromatic look. A single colour from top to bottom always suits everyone. You can always start with neutrals and black to get comfortable with wearing just solids but try to experiment with different colours that complement you. Colours like red, yellow command attention hence when a good choice when you decide to go bold.

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2) Wear what fits:

Oversize is cute but it's always casual. The fit of your outfit takes it from a casual outfit to classy. Firstly, you should always choose what to wear according to your body shape. Choosing clothes accordingly complements your body. And secondly, the fit of the clothes that your wear should be good. The dress might be cute, but if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t work. A proper fit makes you look more presentable and always complements your body. It brings out your body shape and flaunts what’s beautiful.

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3) Shoes are important:

Thought footwear doesn’t seem like something you need to give much attention to, you don’t someone to go “what are those?” looking at your choice. Your shoes are part of your outfit. They make or break it. Wear a foot-wear that complements your clothes, from its style to colour you can always play with your choices. Pair what goes best with the clothes you are wearing, stilettos, wedges, sneakers etc. but this also does not mean that you have to give up comfort. You can wear dresses and suits and pair them with sneakers, everything works when you have the confidence to pull it off.

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4) Layering:

Layering can go from casual to classy. Layering makes your outfit more fashionable. Learn to layer different clothes together like wearing a simple tee under a slip dress or a sundress. Layering shirts over simple casual outfits to give it more dimension. You can also layer blazers and coats over dresses and different outfits to make them classier. Layering is playing with silhouettes and using different clothes together to make a top tear outfit. Layering can be causal with just an oversize shirt or sweater or can be high fashion. You can always go with street style and layer different clothes together, play and discover what’s best for you.

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5) Accessories:

Accessories are important. Accessorizing according to the clothing you wear is a simple way taking your look to a different level. Do not over accessories yourself, a little bling never hurts but too much is never good. Rather than using heavy jewellery, look for the aesthetic you like. You can rather accessories with minimal jewellery or wear either a necklace or earrings if you want something heavy. Or you can always ditch them for a professional look and use different types of belts that will act as an accessory.

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6) Wear a statement piece:

To sum up, everything together, add a statement piece to your outfit so that it stands out. It can the outfit itself, or a piece of jewellery or can be an element you introduce to your outfit. Fashion is a blank canvas; you should always put a bold stroke in it. Your fashion sense defines you hence it is your choice what you want as your statement piece. You can do extravagant like wearing an expensive fur coat or maybe change your usual style for a day to make the whole thing a statement.

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