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5 ways the Australian culture can improve the communication skills of an individual.

The internet has given us dozens of websites that are just a click away for improving communication in 10 ways, in 15 ways, in a week, in a day! but aeons of culture that has been formatted throughout the ages have nothing to teach us?

No matter how many ever articles you read, most of them are repetitive and you may find it difficult to follow it up. So many notions are considered to be a stereotypical form of showing confidence. Be it your stance, your body language, eye contact, touch.

The first people of Australia; built their homes and planted the seeds to the cultures that are appreciated by the whole world. 50,000-year-old clan have offered the world their culture and customs that are worth learning.

The pathway that they have been through either with doom or bloom, it does have an effect on how a community could behave. Their approach to traditions and customs might be implausible for the rest of the world bu they have been thriving since centuries, that’s gotta say something!

The culture could alter in the years based on the direction they have been through and at the same time how they perceive fellow human beings, the body language, the rapport, all may differ may vary and evolve. Culture indisputably influences communication.

A culture was developed in order to bring unity with the extra features of customs, ritual and traditions to honour their creed and ancestors. Culture fundamentally provided us with guidelines on how to respond to a situation, how to contain and maintain a situation. Helping us develop our nature and character.

Though some of them may be outdated and senseless now, some of those culture integrations does provide an insight to help the mundane life and take it to a notch higher.



Each person functions differently, has individual tastes and habits, so why listen to stereotypical websites that state silence is utterly a ‘no-no’ in conversations?

The indigenous people of the country consider silence to be respectful. We in the modern world consider silence as a trait we don’t approve of. We love to be vocal, blabber anything and everything.

Interacting with people of different race, creed, culture, we need to understand that everyone is unique and have a unique way of conversing.

We lash out and mock on introverts for being silent which is wrong. Instead, the extroverts and ambiverts could create an environment where the introverts are comfortable in and they no longer fear of judgement and face anxiety.


Among the natives, prolonged silence in the conversation is considered as a sign of listening, respecting and consenting to the other person. These silences in between the conversations are valued.

Taking time to analyse and understand what the other person intends to mean could prove the quality of the conversation.

Sometimes silence is all we need in this chaotic world.



‘The eyes never lie, chico’, but what if chico never gives any attention to the words you say and only look at the eyes dumbly. Pretty much not what is needed.

Almost all the websites and books on “N number of way you can excel in being confident”, one among the many points are to keep eye contact. In a world where eye contacts are a key for the confidence, the indigenous give it least bit of importance.

Having a continuous eye contact is considered in fact rude or disrespectful (for some) to the natives of Australia. They believe in paying attention to the words and not to the demeanour of the person.

This just proves what we must categorize as important. Giving off a stance and body language that oozes confidence may do the trick but you do have to be confident with yourself to make it work.

And what more than giving importance to what is actually required rather than false pretences and letting people know that you ooze confidence not externally but internally.


After all, all humans are descendants of a common ancestor regardless of features or the pigmentation of the skin. To show respect for someone older than you the terms ‘Aunty’ or ‘Uncle’ is used among the indigenous people of Australia.

The person that you are addressing does not have to be a blood relative or an Elder, the term approaches a more optimistic view of people. Someway or the other we may be related to one another. Who knows!

Spread Love

Considering all the people of the earth are good could be hoping for impossible but hey if we could approach people with a sense of warmth, that would prove to be fruitful. Despite everything people’s insecurity is what drives most of them to be cruel to one another.

So if we could tap in some optimism in our daily conversation there could be one less of a villain in the world.


Death of a closed one could be difficult to cope up with, people shouldn’t be expected to get on with their lives within a week or listen to the words, ‘People die all the time!’, or ‘They are in heaven, you should move on’.

In some of the communities of the natives of Australia, it is frowned upon to mention anything about the deceased person by their first names for a period of time. Respecting the mourner by not reminding them of how much a lovely person the deceased person was, should be definitely normalised. The reminder would be only rubbing salt on the wound.

The mourner can never get out of the pain but he/she can definitely choose the misery period. In the modern era, the publication of photographs of the deceased is also evaded.

This present-day world could do with some space for the mourners and not being a constant reminder of the loss. Especially space from those people who tells the mourners to get on with their life.

In this case, no communication would be apt rather than going back in the past and living in the past.


Ever since foreigners have invaded, the natives have been stripped off their rights, get their children snatched away from them (Read the aboriginals tribes of Australia) and so much more.

As a result, they have been stricter, fiercer in protecting their culture, traditions and customs. They have protested and many reforms have been made by the government ensuring their culture security.

Born and living they have truly taken their claims back and is respected throughout the country for their ancestral roots and made sure the non-indigenous do ensure of their traditional protocols whenever there is an interaction.

They speak when it is necessary and stay quiet when it isn’t.

They are fierce when the time is right and that made tremendous changes.


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