• Riya Jadhav

6 things you must do if someone tells negative things about you

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'You are the dead bulb

on my string of lights

the disease I must rip out

in order to repair my shine"

-Ashley Egan

Toxic people are present on every crossing of this globe.

Sometimes it feels like they are living in a completely different gravitational field where anything that extends out from them is negative vibes. They might even don't realize how their presence and existence can ruin and devastate the people around them in the ways they can't even imagine.

They are topmost manipulators, exceptional actors, super defensive, and they are filled with jealously and anger.

If I had to describe what really is an 'intoxicated being'

I'll say

'The person who makes you feel down and less valuable in such a skilful way that you start believing them blindly and everything that's good in you starts rippling down.'


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Best way to recognize such vipers is:

(if you are unfortunately associated with such)

Every time you hang out with them if you feel emotionally drained, depressed, full of anxiety and self-doubt.

then yes, they are toxic for you!


Once you've recognized all of them the next question is how to deal with their negative aura


so, let's explore or rather get to know more about how to deal with such people and be a pro snake charmer (precisely toxic being charmer:/)


These kinds of people have absolutely no reason for the change of attitude, one day they'll be like your soulmate, and other days

woshhh- nothing they'll not even recognize you.

These people behave so cold that they will target your good side and will charm you to satisfy their needs.

like seriously they'll be like so cranky, sad, and super mysterious and when you ask them for the reason, they will utter jut a word that is 'nothing'

and that's very annoying.

If you don't want to tell the reason then don't express! Simple

once or twice it's acceptable but if this is their everyday routine then they are really psychologically unwell or they are just as toxic as you predicted.

stay away! don't give it all just to please them

they are humans, not dogs (please more dogs)

and even if because of your golden heart and a caring attitude- you do try to please them then okay go ahead, but stay in the limit, realize it beforehand that your self-esteem is the big price you are paying.

think- is it worth it?

if no then

you are not at all responsible for anyone's feelings

if they approach you and confess that they are cranky because of you then feel free to clear it out and apologize but if they are not mentioning it then just let them go, such people are not worthy of you precious time.

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These beings are very good at convincing you by taking the emotional route.

so, if you know someone who very often makes you choose between them and something else.

just distance yourself. Do what you want to do without your opinions and choices influenced.

phrases like

"if you care about me or if you really love me, you'll not do this/that"

"if you don't want me to be upset then please eat this, you can continue your diet from tomorrow" etc.

Stay away from this dramatic stuff for god's sake! Do what's good for you. And learn to say NO.

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Some are super manipulative-character-wise.

If they want something out of you, they will manipulate you in ways where you are vulnerable.

They will pretend like they are doing everything just for you but in reality, they are just getting their work done.

These people often ignore and don't value any of your inputs and all they do is play the blame game.

get this straight

If you are willing to help out or do a favor then go for it, but if it doesn't feel like a favor and more of a burden on your shoulders- then just be bold enough to speak out.