• Riya Jadhav

5 Things you are doing in the morning that sabotages your day!

Who are you?

The world does not function conveniently for night owls.

why don't you list out your inspirations, say all those successful people whom you admire, with a bit of research even you will figure it out that they have one thing in common and that is, they all are early risers.

Most of them claim that adopting this habit of being a morning person has always kept them 2 steps ahead of the competition.

so what's stopping you??

(click HERE for tips that you must follow to become a morning person)

But wait! There's the twist

There is no direct road to a successful future.

No ONE equation that can satisfy your expectations.

let's assume you've followed our tips and now you are a good going morning person! You've somehow adopted a new habit of waking up early but still, you are not satisfied with results. You end up being super tired and super demotivated at the end of the day and now you are having second thoughts about this newly built habit of yours.

If you are not getting the results as net claimed, About being a morning person then probably somewhere there is a chance that you are practicing it the wrong way.

It's said


Not that everything you hear or listen to on the web is true. So check it out yourself and make a decision.

So, Let me focus on things THAT YOU SHOULD AVOID DOING IN THE MORNING that can possibly sabotage your day:

Being an early bird should be your CHOICE and not BURDEN
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calm down! Its 'YOUR' choice (him/her) ;)

Train your brain keep telling yourself very clearly that waking up early in the morning is your choice!

Don't do it because you want instant success or you want the benefits it offers.

Because honestly it won't!!

Not this way.

Snoozing your alarm a zillion times or scrolling social media in bed for hours can ruin your both morning and the following day and this shows that you are not motivated enough. This "not so noticed" action of yours can fill you with negativity and bad vibes which will impact your productivity.

No one made a plan to be lazy, fat, and stupid. That’s what happens when you don’t have a plan - Larry Winget

This is the most accurate quote to present my views in order to convince you guys.

Now you see, a person without a plan is like an architect without blueprints. so don't forget to make your short term plans in advance before starting a new day.

A NEW PLAN= A GREAT DAY= A GREAT LIFE......(not an ultimate equation to success but one step of that mathematical proof that might help you reach your expectations)

Alter a few things in your night routine like - spending 10 mins in writing down your future targets, plan your next day appropriately.

Also, write down all the things that you did today!

(write it down in short summary)

List out things you learned, experienced, etc. and pat yourself if your day went exactly as you planned, celebrate your wins- small or large. This will act like a self-motivating action and will fuel you to keep going.

Avoiding difficult situations can make you feel lethargic

We all hate to do things that need the extra amount to attention and working.

Don't we?

Avoiding that difficult project or task that you've already been procrastinating for ages, having a tough conversation maybe emotional or professional, or any other such activity that you think is challenging will easily tempt you to procrastinate.

What you can do in such situations is that you gather the courage to face these challenging situations. Request your subconscious mind.

Scientifically, your subconscious never sleeps. Feed it with things you wish to do. Keep it functional give it something to work on daily.

Make WATER your best friend!

We are made up of water so how can we avoid drinking it.

It's our requirement anyways. According to science, the brain is made up of 73% of water. So obviously it needs a good amount of intake for proper functioning. Make it a habit of drinking water as soon as you wake up.

Avoid coffee, tea, and any other fluids as soon as you wake up.

It would be advisable if you drink lukewarm water with added mint and lime. This combination has very good health benefits and will make sure you feel fresh and energetic in the morning.

Detox yourself

Engaging yourself in things 'associated with positivity' every morning will cleanse you inside ou