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5 striking principles of Hedonism

Contrary to most of the believes that we are told to follow, hedonism is the belief that pleasure and pain are the most important element in life. Every phenomenon is designed to describe pain or pleasure. Throughout the history most of the believes have told us that, to achieve a fulfilled life we must give up on any form of pleasure and lead a simple life, as any sort of pleasure only acts as a distraction from the ultimate truth of life. Hedonism contradicts these believes and asks to seek pleasure; the term ‘hedonism’ comes from the Greek word 'hedone' meaning pleasure. Hedonism is a unique concept that can often seem self-indulging, here are 5 striking principles of Hedonism that explain the psychology behind the beliefs.

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· It focuses on well-being:

The concept of hedonism actually focuses on the well-being of a person rather than being self-centred. The philosophical hedonist tends to focus on the hedonistic theories of value. The well-being of a person can be through anything that pleases them, hence indulging in things that bring pleasure. You can think this theory of value equivalent to today’s believe of self-love and self-care. Hedonism tells that life should be led fully hence in life a person should indulge with everything that increases its value and fulfil its purpose.

· All and only pleasure is intrinsically valuable:

Hedonism focuses on all and everything pleasurable in life. The hedonists believe in the feeling of pleasure is intrinsically valuable to life. Pleasure can be anything small or big like having chocolate after a long diet or being able to meet your super-start, pleasure is also mental and physical like getting a hug or remembering a fond memory. Pleasure can also be sensual; it is a more intimate form of pleasure that has its own exploration weaved through-out our history. But the main contradiction comes between the qualitative and quantitative hedonists. Some believe that the quantity or the amount of pleasure is more important whereas some believe that the quality or the feeling of pleasure is more important.

· All and only pain is intrinsically unevaluable:

Life should be made worth living and living it in pain is worth wasting your life. According to the hedonists believes the feeling of pain is intrinsically unevaluable. Just like pleasure-pain also comes in small and big ways in life like getting bad grades in an exam or the news of a loved one passing away.

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Pain can be intense and the feeling of pain can fill your mind with negativity. The ideology of hedonism is to do what is good for us, find what motivates us to act a certain way and pain often turn our actions bitter and increases our sufferings.

· Pleasure is not the only source of intrinsic value:

Often the argument against hedonism is that living in reality pleasure is not always achievable. Pleasure doesn’t need to be materialistic, nor pleasure always needs to be self-indulging. Pleasure can be achieved by finding the meaning behind life, building and maintaining a friendship, living according to morals, indulging ourselves with things that add value to our life. A hedonist will argue that friendship itself does not bring any value, but as social animals it is necessary for us to indulge ourselves with others and friends become an integral part of our life, hence adding pleasure to our life.

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· Some pleasure is not valuable:

Not all pleasure adds value to life. Pleasure can turn into an addiction. People can go lengths to achieve pleasure in their life. Hedonism is about achieving the pleasures in our life that makes it valuable. But the line if crossed just to attain more pleasure can make your life valueless. Hedonistic ethical egoism is basically the idea of person should do everything in their power to achieve power but in there is a thin life as to where we may blur the line of reality and egoistic life.

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Hedonism is the belief of self-care and finding everything that is pleasurable in life to add value to our life, to understand it meaning and living life to its fullest in happiness and finding everything that adds meaning.

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