• Anushka De

5 spectacular reasons why the Bohemian style is different from the ordinary

Have you ever tried to be the Boho Chic?

Well, if you haven’t ever, then we bring to you a few reasons why you should go for the look at least once! The Bohemian fashion style is unconventional and extraordinarily beautiful. If you are a fashion enthusiast and someone who loves to explore the realms of creativity and its enhanced expression, you should definitely give a read to this article.

So what is Bohemian style?

Bohemian fashion style, also known as the “Hippie style”; is an alternative fashion which is basically an amalgamation of natural fabrics, flowing skirts, unconventional accessories, neutral and warm shades, and various retro patterns. It promotes and actively facilitates the use of loose and long clothes, with oversized accessories, brimmed hats, and oriental attires, and so on. It is not very mainstream but has its own perks and people often tune in with the Bohemian style, in order to revamp their style statement and bring out their creative side.

Go ahead and check out spectacular reasons why Bohemian fashion style is different from the rest:

Æ Colors:

Are you drawn to colorful stuff naturally?

If the answer is a yes, and you still don’t practice the Bohemian fashion style then you are probably missing out a lot of things. Because, unlike other fashion styles, the Bohemian one allows you to express yourself in a plethora of colors ranging from warm, subtle shades to the neutral, or even bright and vibrant colors. As we know,

“Color is a power which directly influences the soul”

By Wassily Kandinsky.

So by letting someone indulge in their own palette of shades, the Bohemian style leads one to connect better with their inner selves, unlike the other styles. For instance, a chic fashion enables the wearing of only bright shades, or the gothic fashion only endorses dark shades and black, but the Bohemian style gets its uniqueness from the different types of shades.

The Bohemian style is committed to exploring different colors and simultaneously reflecting on the various shades of life. This is how the Bohemian style combines aestheticism to its verisimilitude and turns out to be the extraordinary fashion style that it actually is.

Bohemian style
The classic Bohemian Style: Free-spirited and Colorful

Æ Looks good on all:

A very vital concern of the Bohemian fashion industry is that it must suit everyone, irrespective of how they look or behave or express themselves.

This is again something that differentiates the Boho style statement from the rest.

The Bohemian fashion style actually looks good and suits everyone who wants to try it and explore it. For example, the “punk” style popular in the recent decade required its followers to be extremely rebellious and bold. Similarly, the Rocker style required you to have a fondness for the Rock music and dress up accordingly. But the Bohemian one, on the other hand, doesn’t come with this system of pre-requisites. It literally needs you to “want” to practice it or be willing to try it as a bare minimum and that’s all. So Yes, It looks good on everyone!

Æ Layering:

Are you ready for some ‘Mix n Match’ and layering?

This is because, a quintessential characteristic to Bohemian style is layering while dressing up.

The best way to slay in your Bohemian fashion style is to master the art of layering, which is very basic to it. A huge part of the difference between the Bohemian and the other styles lie in this art of layering, because no other look enables one to layer attires according to their ways. The Bohemian style is focused on loose-fitting, and free-flowing layered clothing, to bring out the relaxed person in you.

The Boho look is all about layering and accessories.

It is inspired by gypsies and it hence involves one to put together various elements from your wardrobe to create an unconventional, beautiful, and exotic look.

Æ Natural and creative:

Believe it or not, but the Bohemian Fashion Style is possibly the most naturally exotic and creative one out of all the rest.

The Bohemian Fashion industry survives on the local craftsmen, and artisans to a huge extent and it promotes local and creative designs since time immemorial. Naturally, it puts a lot of agency in your hands as it has no distinct demarcations of how it should be pulled off – it will look good on you no matter what. You can put on a flamboyant and vibrant floral print with an extra dark pair of shorts and just spice up the look with some shell necklace and before you know it- you are the gorgeous Boho chic!

Bohemian fashion style
Explore your creative side, the Boho way

Æ Accessories:

Do you love junk jewelry or funky accessories?

Bohemian style
Funky accessories are a must-have for the Boho look

If so, then this can be a significant reason as to why you should try to adorn yourself the Bohemian way!

Most fashion styles focus largely on fabrics, garments, and outfits. But unlike the rest, the Bohemian style embellishes your look by emphasizing not just on garments but also on the prints, the layering, and most importantly: The accessories! Undoubtedly, funky, eye-catching accessories comprise an important part of the Boho look, and this is again something, which gets overlooked by the other styles.

Shell or layered necklaces, dangling gypsy earrings, hand-woven bag, printed scarfs, colorful headbands, eye-catching nose pins, a beads bracelet, and so on can effortlessly endow you with a classic Bohemian look without any hassle.

Bohemian style
Rock the Boho look with your girl gang!

The above points will give you a clear picture of how the Bohemian fashion style is set apart from the ordinary ones. It is actually more than just a style statement. Embodying fashion the Bohemian way will lead you to emanate an artsy and romantic vibe that will influence your look and make it a lot more unique. It is invested in crystals, colored beads, metals, leather-work, sequins, floral applique, and so on. Clearly, the Bohemian fashion style is a lot more than merely dressing up, and hence it enables you to recognize the true essence of fashion holistically.

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